Monday, February 11, 2013

Hola Padres! (with Photo of new companion)

haha Happy Valentines! Yeah Chile doesn’t know about this holiday as well haha,
I am so stoked to have 2 sobrinos!!!!! (one sobrino and one sobrina)
That is going to be soooo sweet!

I wanted to thank Grandma and Grandpa for the tie! Got that last week! made my day, and also all of the Christmas cards! ha got them 2 months later because it takes a while to receive but finally got them! also received that letter from Kyler and some of my friends! ha tell them thanks so much to everyone. and I will write them soon it’s hard to write people back not going to lie, don’t have much time on pday haha. but thanks so much for all the cartas! also loved the Christmas family picture Kristy and Dalan!

Thanks so much for the prayers and thoughts and everything love you all so much!
but yeah, truth is this was a hard week. stinks when you are trying to do your best and do great work and you just can’t get along with your companion, the great thing is I will leave so much more patient and learn how to get along better with difficult people or better said people in general. To wrap up the week though definitely a week of patience, trials of faith, and a lot of situations where it seemed like Satan was really trying to make the tensions high and make things more complicated to not have peace and not get along well with my comp. Definitely had a lot of alone feelings this week, but things are going good right now, we talked and have set goals to become a more united companionship, very humbling to realize that even though he is difficult, I am doing things as well that I can improve. So as of now we are good, and really trying to work and work good together. Also after so much time of arguing and having differences your head is dead and you just want to love and make things good haha, la verdad is that we are here to be missionaries and not to always argue and be bummed about our companions no matter who they are. But yeah really, really learning so much about what the lord will do and have really felt so much closer to our savior during these hard times. Realized has helped me remember my purpose and have a desire to just love people even when they are difficult, life is so much easier with little to none conflict, But yeah had enough of that subject, on the topic of the work

We are really excited we have a baptism the beginning of march by a girl named Daniella she will be completing a family (her her mom and her sister, really impressed with how much this girl knows at an age of 9 no mas. Also regarding being in Los Muermos for a lot of time I have really seen the benefits and blessings of being here for a good time, I have a great relationship with the members here which is awesome, also I know a good amount of people in the city now and it’s fun to walk around and recognize pretty much everyone haha, also knowing the streets and everywhere is really handy. Also I have really gained a testimony that the lord is always preparing people to teach, even after knocking all the doors here we are still teaching people WAY COOL!
ha for interesting story of the week one day this week I think it was Martes... We taught that one guy with the hole in his throat again, a lady with a lot a lot of ADD, and a gay guy (which was really uncomfortable it was the boss of one of our investigators that we taught in his restaurant) haha interesting day.
I got to give my first blessing in Spanish of my companion and it was such a cool experience felt the spirit really strong and I was able to do it, (It's a little hard to do cause we don’t talk in tu form but after a while you get used to it)
Also I am the one that has to call the members and ask if they can talk in sacrament meeting haha always fun to hear their responses, but got a call from one of the members that was going to speak Sunday calling me Saturday night saying she couldn’t so I wrote a talk an hour before church about the book of Mormon and how it is the key stone to our religion and why it was. ha I actually came across some cool scriptures as I was planning for it that got me excited. In 2 nefi 4:15-16 says "for my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children" and it hit me how the book of Mormon was written for the profit and learning for us, and then it hit me if that is the purpose of the book of Mormon then that is what we need to use it for as missionaries, for the learning and profit of my investigators. And when you teach in that sense it will never be to destroy nor to just teach, but will really impact their lives.

Also with that package if you send one, I’d love to get some new recent church music, like the latest album of EFY? or some instrumentals of piano or idk something relaxing. And maybe church socks that can dry fast and comfy? hard to find those aqui.

But yeah love you guys so much! I am so grateful for everything and although its hard right now everything is alright with a good attitude and a desire to be more like Christ. thanks for everything! ha that food sounds sooo good dad, did you know people here don’t know what cinnamon rolls are? crazy right? haha these two photos are me and my companion at Puerto Mont! pretty sweet. Always cruise ships in the port. SWEET SWEET SWEET take care this week yeah? always praying for you all! ha keep it up in racquetball dad and mom that app is a little trunkie haha,) thanks for the postcard thing!!!! haha that was a sweet picture of Christmas

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