Monday, January 21, 2013

¡Hola Familia Hermosa! y amigos jaja

Hola!!!! Como Han Estado???!!!!
It has been a great week, HOT, but great! ha wow 100% humidity with 85-90 degrees is NUTS! the UV rays here are a lot stronger and literally no one is walking around here people think we are nuts haha they respect the dedication. I respect Elder Farrow out in Hermosillo Mexico where its always hot ha its nuts, I dont know how people do it here without AC. Another great invention in the states is screen protectors GENIUS! But yeah great week! Great Week! we have been working hard, we have been really making some progress with some of our investigators, one Ingrid, has fecha now for next month, we just have to start teaching her pareja and get him stoked about the gospel (he is a member from a long time ago), he is a hard one to catch though but we will find a way. Also as we were contacting we found a family that needed help moving and asked, they accepted and the mom ended up being a member that was baptized 11 years ago, she is the sister of our mamita and still knows its true just got caught up with family and other things not quite sure yet, she has 2 kids and a husband we will just need to gain the confidence of the husband, we were able to give their new house a blessing and helping them helped the guy like us more, they really liked the blessing, excited to work more with them and get going again. Our problem right now is the rama is bad at following the Dia de Reposo, and the example even from the leaders isnt going so well, regarding buying and all changed into their swimming suits at the capilla right after church and left to the beach. Also we are continuing to stay Completely Obedient, They need obedient loving missionaries here that work hard and we wont give them any less, OBEDIENCE IS KEY, Like it says in DandC 120 something not sure about the actual seccion, but about the law erobocally decreed in heaven (obedience to the Laws and commandments) that must be followed for blessing to come, We have such an important role in the work, we are the messengers of God and the ONLY way the will know about the truth is by it being told to them.

I loved this week though, it was a rough hard working week but it was amazing, the spirit was really with us this week, God is really with us here and comforts us with his spirit, we are promised every week to have his spirit to be with us as we take the sacrament and live worthily, It is such a blessing to have the spirit, really working hard even when its hard and cant find much ha
The language is coming more and more everyday, gets easier to understand the chilean fast talkers more and more, ha some are nuts though

For an update on my feet (haha so much stuff medically its embarrassing) the guy KILLED our warts with Liquid Nitrogen a second time, KILLED haha like way more then last time, he said if they survive this then they are a special type of warts that are harder to be killed, but I had one on the bottom of my feet and it has been hard to walk but we have been walking, ha it takes a lot for you to want to stay in. But hopefully thats the last time, lquid nitrogen kills the feets.

You have had a lot of changes on the house I see, the flowers look beautiful mom and the yard looks great, me imagino que uds han estado trabajando artos. I loved your thought on free information as missionaries we are always looking for that I will definately apply that in tracting and lessons thanks a ton.
For G´s what do you think I should do I am pretty sure I can order them from the santiago temple but not completely sure, Ill check,
haha its cool to know my picture is on your I phone and Im on a calendar and a friends computer screen (landon) haha feel like a famous person.
Landon, The work is great out here ha sorry we all ditched you, how have you been man? Ive been out for 6 months including the MTC 4 months here, its already going way to fast ha its nuts. I forgot its winter there! weve had the opposite here, our house gets so heated up last night it was 92 in our house with the gross humidity ha fun stuff. but yeah working hard thanks for all your advice.Ill write you soon with more, for know you can enjoy my blog stuff haha.
For Elder Farrow, haha we both are rocking it up in the Branches!!! so sweet I know your killing it in Mexico, branches are hard but its always about the attitude your so right, ha stoked to give each other pump up letters every now and then, we are all serving the lord all over the world, lets be like the Alma and the sons of mosiah, and maybe a little teancum action;) ha thanks Dalan for the workouts! I am way excited to try them out, hopefully I can get some abs like captain Moroni, its hard with all the oily foods here haha
But de verdad Les Amo Muchisimas, Im so greatful to be here. Love each and every one of you, hope everyone is doing great, hows the word a week thing going at your work blake, youll have to tell me some mexican spanish! ha Elder Farrow you can fill me in on some too.
Love you all more then the Los Muermos Bums like their Alcohol, ha and they really love it :(

Thanks for all the emails fam and friends,
Chow Chow, Que les valle bien,
Elder Carter

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