Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hey Family! Wow it has been a HOT week here, finally it is Verano (Summer) and the sun here is sooooooooo powerful. I already miss the cold ha, with 100% humidity and the ozone layer is very thin here. I don’t know how to explain it but it burns you to the bones even with sunscreen. Ha good ol Chile sure has the best of both worlds when it comes to the weather gotta love it.

IT has been a great week, TOUGH but great. Most of our citas (appointments) fell and we have struggled to find people, most people aqui (here) in Los Muermos go to the beach in the summer all day. But what I love about these times is it’s the test of your faith and diligence. This is when Satan wants you to give up but this is where the blessings are made.

This week we had our interview with President Rappleye and they went very well always an animo booster. Also gave another talk in sacrament, every 3 weeks or algo asi (so here) I give one, has really helped with Spanish, Finally I gave it confident in looking away from the paper and talking rather than reciting it felt good. Was planning on giving a 25 min one but only needed to give 15 min. We are scared that the animo of the rama is decreasing a bit but we are looking for ways we can get the animo back up, the members really rely on the missionaries here and as the conseyos (conselhos? Or counselor) de rama we are really obligated to make sure the members and leaders of the rama keep up with animo, we have planned a couple activities and are really searching for service to help build their animo as well as find people to build the branch. This branch is really special and I can’t tell you how much I have fallen in love with the people here.

Today we went to a poseo (trip) to this guy’s house more towards Puerto Mont Campo, he had a zipline that was fun and I finally got to play futbol (soccer) real ha I stink so bad. I apologize for the lack of what I can write today, the trips out of los muermos really kill our time to write, I have really been strengthened this week mentally, physically, and spiritually, Hard things have to come our way to grow and I have accepted that, Tough week but enriching, We are really excited for some great stuff that will be happening in Los Muermos. Sounds like everyone is doing great back home and I pray for you all every day. I hope all is well, it is going great here, I will have some Amazing stories to tell that’s for sure ha. The spirit has been such a great companion especially this week and I can’t explain the joy I get from having the spirit as my companion, a veces (at times) I get overwhelmed with joy at how great the work of our Lord is. I apologize for how short this is but know I’m doing great!

For Elder Farrow! I am so happy to hear from you elder! I love you so much man I know you are killing it down there in Mexico, I get emotional knowing all of us our all over doing the lords work and growing immensely, pray for you every day man and so stoked to share our experiences. I’m sure we will have a ton! Le quiero Muchisimas! Descupe todavia cuando escribo espaƱol is malo pero esta bien jaja, de verdad la obra misional es incredible, ahora estoy muy agredecido por nuestro salvador y su espiritu, El us my guia cada dia aqui, Ahoro estoy en un chicitito sector se llama, Los Muermos tiene treinta y cinco miembros mas o menos. Las personas de la mision lo llama Los Muertes aqui, pero no es asi, con fe, animo, y obediencia este sector es el Oro de la mision, tiene personas bien duro pero el Senior esta preparando personas cada dia, Mi testimonio del evangelio esta criciendo muchisimas, no hay ningun lugar que you querria estar ahora sino aqui, Les Quiero Muchisimas!
Elder Farrow Digame de su sector y como ha estado! Le quiero Mucho Elder!
Y tambien Riley! digame mas de su mision! me encanta a escuchar mas de usted! (ha yep usted)

But yeah sorry I have no time at all right now; Love to get that p90x info from Dalan and thanks dad for the workouts as well! Love you all so much! Thanks for the emails; means a lot! I love doing the work here even when it’s hard and hot ha. Much Love,
Elder Carter

P.S Could you forward that to Elder Farrow and Riley I really want to make sure they get my email, idk how to add them for some reason

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