Monday, January 7, 2013

Dang, It's 2013

Dang It's 2013, that is NUTS!!! I was thinking about it the other day (not being trunky just thinking ha) that in the beginning of next month I will have already been on my mission for 6 months. NUTS. It feels like I just ate French toast at that super good place and entered the MTC.

OK OK let me think, ok first what did I do for New Year’s.... well for New Year’s eve we went to the Martinez families house and showed them football, ha they had never seen a football in their life, and I never realized how hard it is to throw, they were terrible at throwing it haha it was fun to teach them, all the little kids in their neighborhood and lots of other people were so curious they had never seen something like that before. We ate SOOO MUCH MEAT she loaded our plates with every type of meat, sausage, hot dog, chicken, pork, cow, everything on one plate. IT was way tough to eat especially since it was at night it is really hard for me to eat at night especially that heavy of a meal my body isn’t used to it any more. Then we had to be home at 10 but we wanted to be up for the New Year so we stayed up and played one of our favorite songs from the summer album thing from Deseret yeah pretty exciting right?! Way sweet ha. For the New Year’s in this small town it’s just an excuse for people to drink a ton, and they just randomly happen to have this random building called the saga, it’s like a club basically, kinda looks like they tried to make it a castle thing but it just kinda looks like the great and spacious building haha, but that was really loud all night, we can hear it from our house, and there were tons of drunks that woke us up as they walked by our house in the early morning. Also made crepes the New Year’s day and but Nutella that we bought from lider in puerto and manjar with bananas WAY GOOD ha yep me and Elder Gardner got some chef skills.

Um oh yeah! so regarding my feet problems, got a lot of that going on ha so lame, we headed to Puerto for my companion to check out his verugas (wart) and he put liquid nitrogen on the parts that were growing back, and then for free he did mine as well, IT hurt bad for that to be put on and did for a couple days, also have some ingrown toenails coming in so I had to travel to Rahue, the zone a little more north then Osorno to get them cut by some lady, luckily they weren’t bad, But It was a long travel and for that we went on intercambios cause another elder had to go get some stuff fixed with his feet, he was a Latino from Columbia (our district leader) and it was my first time just with a Latino, We ended up talking a good amount of time on the bus there (hour and a half) and the bus back as well as the time waiting, I was pretty stoked that we could talk and function, and whenever I would say things wrong or not understand him I’d just ask him to explain better and I could understand, what was hard was with the nurse lady, I was the only gringo there and everyone else couldn’t speak English so that was a headache trying to understand what I needed to do. Ha did it though, It’s a lot different when you’re with a Latino but you learn a lot since the only thing you can talk is Spanish. MY head hurt way bad after that day ha Spanish kills your head. But with that I have not been able to walk yesterday, after church I had to just walk home and that’s it, it was a LONG day. I guess it is smart so that it gets a day of rest so it doesn’t come back. We walk a lot here in Los Muermos, never have walked so much in my life ha.

To answer your questions mom on pdays not really much since we are in a small sector, just usually the stuff needed to prep and the occasional nap since we have nothing else to do haha, also yeah we do have to do our own laundry since we have a washing machine. It is hard to dry our clothes right now cause it’s been kinda colder. The suns supposed to come out soon though! I think I need more Gs I need to figure out how to buy more. And me and my companion get along great, we will be together for 18 weeks, that’s a long time to be with someone 24/7 but we get along great and now we are that much closer and know each other pretty well.

Quick question...if anyone knows some good work outs I could do without weights just with my body that would be sweet and you should send me them, I want to expand my work out ideas. oh we switched our mamita and now we have to walk a lot farther, she just wanted to take a break from doing it after 3 yrs or something so yeah,
For your question Kristy about the spiritual promptings that is a tough one but I completely get what you are saying, in the mission our lives right now rely on the spirit, without it we can’t do anything. And so we are always trying to be in tune. I love what Elder Bednar said about this, if we are doing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ and being a good boy or girl in this case the spirit will guide you, but the trick is how do you know if it is our just a thought...still that is hard for me but what I notice is often times we are given thoughts in our heads that impulse us to act on something abnormal, what I do is I ask myself would this be something that would be along the lines of the teachings of Christ even if it seems somewhat weird to act on, sure do it ha, maybe take it in a creative way like joke how even though you don’t drink you thought Pepsi in nice bottles would make New Year’s classy, but idk sometimes it’s unclear ha sorry that’s a tough one, with me if I ever get an impression to knock a door even if it’s just a tiny thought I do it, but I’ll try to get a better answer for you sorry haha. Just do good though and go along the guidelines and teachings of Christ.

Quick thought as well, I have thought of random things I have missed that are kinda silly like Costco food, beach, basketball and other things, but one thing I have been reading is the Fourth missionary that talks about putting off those desires and things that I left behind and giving my heart to the lord. This doesn’t mean like becoming a robot but it means to not let the things I left get me down or missing things, I am here to become a servant of the lord and for that I am so happy here and when you lose yourself and not let things you remember miss then your fine. And those things will be there when I get back, ha definitely loving it here and loving serving the lord. I don’t have much time left to expand on that but yeah try finding that talk maybe Dalan read it?Haa check it out hahahah oh dad that thing you said in your letter about girls on missions was great. Nice catch there haha I will do that though good advice haha

Love you all,
Les Amo Muchisimas! Con Amor!
Elder Carter

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