Monday, January 27, 2014

Sobrecambio Coyhaique

Hey Family!
So yep first things first....Sobrecambio!!!
President called me monday in the night and told me I will be heading to coyhaique, which is crazy cause I already went south once to puerto natales but now I came down again. It was super spontaneous I wasnt expecting it at all. Its funny cause the sobrecambio couldnt happen until friday cause they had to buy the plane flight to coyhaique.
It was a bummer to leave the last sector cause we were starting to find some awesome people and I got along great with my companion but its all good haha you get used to leaving places on the mission and saying goodbye. To head to coyhaque one of the missionary marriage couples drove me to the airport in puerto montt, the wife of the couple was sick so she couldnt come but I went in car with the husband, it was sweet riding in a car I havent done that in the mission to travel. When we got the the airport he was super nice and bought me lunch there. Then I boarded the plane alone, since I was the only one going south I had to travel alone, ha that was pretty weird being alone, when I got to the airport in balmeseda ( a small city an hour away from cohyaique) I had no phone to call the other elders and there was no pay phones there, but I knew they would be coming, ha I got there and they still werent there, I waited about 2 hours there at the airport alone and they finally got there, I just read the scriptures so the spirit at least could be my companion;) haha
But yep my new companion is from st george Utah (a city close by their called washington but he just say st george. He is awesome and we are excited to work, right when I got there I was so sick of traveling that we left immediately I was so happy to get out in the open air and work, the first couple days we were already talking with everyone and it was awesome we found some people to teach and we have some awesome excitement. Coyhaique is incredible. I think its even more beautiful then puerto natales, its a smaller city, bigger then puerto natales but small, in the middle of the mountains. In each direction their are mountains close by with beautiful green hills as well, and the air is super fresh. I cant believe I have been so lucky to serve the lord in such a beautiful place. We live with 2 other missionaries and our house is nice actually, its a 2 story apartment and its clean so that was nice. I am slowly losing more and more things as a I go throughout the mission, everything is slowly wearing down but it will last:) (I hope). Im way stoked to get this zone going, we have some awesome ideas and excitement to get the zones excitement up, we have to travel far to do exchanges with the other missionaries of our zone, for example one other city in our zone is an our north from here, and the other city is puerto cisnes, which is like 3 hrs away, so we will have some fun times of travel, haha. But ill be sure to tell you more and show you more photos next week (on mondays now) haha.
Also my comp has the bands for p90x so we have been waking up at 6:40 instead of 7 and are doing the workouts he has the packet as well, and we have a plan to eat healthy so these next cambios should be good for my health, as well we will be finding some amazing people to accept the gospel, I am so excited to work here and get this place going. Our zone is working hard and Im excited to see how we can get this excitement even higher. Im so greatful to be a missionary and to invite others to come unto christ, he is perfect and every day I try more and more to be like him,
hope all is well! love you guys a ton.

Elder Carter

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