Monday, February 3, 2014

Awesome Week

Hey Family! So this week so many things happened it was crazy

First off an hermano from ecuador offered to clean our teeth for free so that was nice, always scared of dentists but cleaning teeth is something simple I think ha but way cool to get a clean.
As well that night I had a medical problem that involved me needing a penicilin shot and we got the presrption to buy the siringe and everything, it was a big needle and we got permission because my companion did some work with paramedics before to recieve the shot. hahah so my comp gave me a shot, but everything went well! just was a shot that put a lot of medicine in me so it hurt prettyt dang bad for a couple days haha but all is well.
Martes we stacked soooo much firewood, I think the most firewood ive stacked in a long time, It took about 4 hours to move it to the shed and stack it with 4 of us. It was pretty crazy we were wiped after, That same day we went to the country where a member lived his house was super sweet, he built it all and it had an amazing view of coyhaique and the mountains surrounding the city, I took a couple for ya, ha one was a picture my comp took of me when I was playing a cultural drum from argentina, trying to be one with nature;) but its beautiful right? The noche de hogar went awesome we had it with a recent convert and her mom who isnt a member, it was a great time.

We are teaching a ton, my comp and I are so shocked at how much we are teaching, he said before they werent teaching very much and now we are finding every day and teaching about 5 lessons a day, we want to find people so bad and the lords helping us. Now we just need people that can progress.

One day was funny, we are really trying to involve all the members even the ones that are less active, we invited a less active member to come with us to teach some people, it was an appointment with a lady from brasil and her family, I can tell immediately when they are from brasil and I can speak a couple phrases to them in portuguese but nothing really, but the appointment fell and we were with the member so we just had to improvise and try to find some people, we knocked some doors with him and they didnt treat us very well, the member started saying things like when I left with the members we always entered doors hahah and we were getting a little anxious to just find a house so this member could be excited to come with us next time, I prayed so hard in my head that we could find someone in that moment, the next house we knocked we ended up teaching a lesson of the restauration for about 30 minutes at his door in english it was my first time teaching in english. he was a helicopter pilot from santiago chile and grew up in south africa way intelligent guy, cool lesson, the member lit up as we taught cause he loves english, doesnt understand a bit but loves it, as we ended he told us next week for sure I will leave with you guys, we saw that as our first miracle of the week.

This sector has so much potencial its awesome. We started the week off great and had one of the most spritual zone councils I have had on the mission, We really want our zone to get the wisdom (Correct application) to what was talked in the leader council. Each district will have a book of miracles that they will write in before the reunion de distrito starts each week. We saw so many miracles this week it was amazing.

 In our sector we had to head to one part but before we went to the bathroom in the church, it popped in my head to call a man we met in the rain a couple days before and remind him of the church sunday. He said he couldnt come because of another commitment, but wanted to come, we then asked him if we could do something for him, he said what we were doing at that moment, and we said we could pass by, he said his house was dirty so we offered if we wanted to come to the church in that moment to get to know us more and the church and he said sure ill be there in 30 minutes. and then we heard him calling his son to come with him, we immediately called 2 members to come and we had a tour of the church, and his son was a 10 year old super excited about the church.We were so greatful for the lord to give us people prepared. The members took him home and we now have a great relationship with this guy and his family.

 We modified the verification for the district leaders and made small adjustments to get better at the horario and its worked wonders, the elders in our house are awesome and with some small adjustments and excitement things are looking great.

Sunday we found an awesome guy that lives with his wife and kid and he is super nice, he gave us cake and water soda or club soda Im not sure what its called but I know grandma loves it haha (super popular here I hated it b4 the mission but now thatI drink it so much It is growing on me) and then we taught him the restauration, he is way down to keep learning and offered the prayer the first visit, we are stoked to keep finding people to grow,

I also have really been reading the pamphlets we give to the people and loving them, I love the simplecity of our message and its helped me so much in our lives. I also have so much peace with the scriptures, as we read more about our savior we recieve that peace.

Thanks so much for all your prayers, hope all is well!

 my comp giving me a shot haha

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