Saturday, January 11, 2014

Awesome week, work is progressing here!!!

Hey family!
This week was amazing. Like I had said before we havent had too many people to teach in this sector and something super sweet is happening, since the start here we have ignored the hard parts of the sector and got to work with a lot of faith. This past weeks we have truly seen progress and miracles. As of now each day we are finding people and familys. We have increased our efforts with the members and now half of our lessons are with the members. The other day we knocked on a door and a lady answered and was one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. She was so receptive and told us how happy she was that we knocked her door and told us how much she needed this. I know without a doubt the lord prepared us to knock her door.

This Friday we had our council with president and something he said reminded me of a past experience. He said one of the biggest trials we have as missionaries is our attitude and our mindset. If we come to a sector where the work is dead and work as though its dead we wont find progress. I think my personal experience of that is when I was in puerto natales, We had no investigators and that moment the branch wasnt too strong. For that six months I was there I wanted so bad to leave it better. I promised the members that one day this branch would be full. Leaving puerto natales I left with some of the most amazing experiences of my life, gaining a testimony that a branch of 25 with few baptisms with the right mindset and action, that the sunday I left attended 44. And as I left I continued to hear miracles happening, baptisms passing after. I love working especially in places that truly need the mission work.

Another cool story.

In my last sector I constantly taught this one single mom and her daughter, she didnt understand anything, but at least we got her to pray, as we taught her more and more, she just wasnt getting it and refused to attend church cause of her baby. She was passing for hard times and we wanted her to assist so bad but never did, so... we stopped passing by, a month later when I came to my next sector I heard they began to teach her again, and 1 month later she got baptized, I couldnt believe it and it filled me with joy, God truly wanted this hermana to come closer to him, and was a great testimony builder that God is always helping people change and anyone ANYONE can change and come back to the gospel or start.

This has been a awesome week, we had a lot of time to work, we had some interesting lessons thats for sure, others spritual, others a little to old to understand, but I testify that God prepares people, he wants everyone to continue to change, repent and come closer, today we had a cool mutual with all the missionaries and one joven from the ward and the other thats an investigator, and tonight we are going to have a open house at the church with dessert after, everyone was invited to bring their BEST dessert, we will see what happens.

Love you guys a ton, take care this week, ha super hot here right now, gettin the nice missionary tan lines ;)

talk to you later!

Elder Carter

my comp knows how to make pizza so last week we made pizza! it was way good, dough and everything ha

baseball with the zone and our investigator and the son of the mamita

mmmmm right? haha

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