Monday, November 4, 2013

Nothing but Buenas Vibras esta semana haha

Hey Hey!
So this week we have had some awesome things happen, progression in the work, and a couple fun crazy people stories.
Im loving this camio so much, me and my comp are just working super super hard and just want to keep giving more. We have had some awesome ideas and my comp has been awesome. Even with the trial of language we have been able to find so many ways that we can work 50/50 and we are starting to see the fruits of our labors, One of our investigatores came to our activity at the church this wed!!! she came with her sister, this is the one that talks really good english, we were stoked and she got along great with everyone, we asked if she would get baptized and said if I recieve and answer so thats where we are at right now super sweet, Ill put a foto of the idea we did for the activity, we did an activity of the questions of the soul for the book of mormon, we blew up balloons with some having questions, and they had to get in groups and pop the balloons to find the balloons that had the questions and find a scruipture and experience for each, it went super well and was spiritual on top of it.

Other news we had a "special training as a couple zones this week with president, we learned about 2 awesome things. One is a new manual the church came out with for the missionarys, its of how to handle stress, and gives tons of awesome ideas, I was loving the booklet, I think its cool how the church is always giving us resources to become better, its awesome, the manual will be an awesome source of ideas to reduce stress. And the second part was he talked about the attributes of being a Lider A compared to a Lider B, I loved hearing all of the experiences that our president has had in business and that one is he told us of a very famous business man that talked about all the success he had, and all of his success referred to the attributes of a leader as found in DyC 121 at the end, he stated that any business would be so much successful if liders were based on these principles (of priesthood), and said in the church these principles are NECESSARY to have success. Stoked to anaylsis more of how I can develop theses traits.

For some fun stories:

Trash Bag Bernadita: So I actually have no idea what this ladies name is but we were asking all people if we could help them and we asked this old lady that was having trouble with a huge bag. she gave me the bag and it was super super heavy, I realized it was just full of trash, like banana peals and wrappers and who knows what, then she started talking to me and then the reality that hit me was she was crazy homeless lady, I also dont know how i didnt see but in her other hand she just had a hugeee branch of a tree, So on this main road I carried her super heavy bag of trash to another location, but before we got to that location she had to make some pit stop at a trash bin to snag some more trash, ha I know we need to help people but Im not sure how this trash will help her. and thats trash bag bernadita.

weird dude: So there was a weird guy that walked straight up to us putting out his hand asking for money making the sign in his hands for money, being accostomed to this from los muermos I immediately took out a card with a picture of christ, gave it to him, and without him questioning for more or anything immediately took it and ran back to his bench, ha idk had to be there

haha and last but not least yesterday God wanted to test to see how I can withstand 5 min of like 5 akward moments, went to a lady that we taught the day b4 in front of her house and her husband wanted nothing to do with us, as I tried to take away the awkwardness another investigator that lives in front of them saw us and after we were rejected we talked to him and he had to get going so I said ah yeah its all good we have a cita over there, as we were walking in that other direction another investigators that just dropped us was out in front but the akward part was she just had a sports brah on, the first time we passed I didnt notice and thought it would be polite to come back and say hi for a second, but then she was embarrassed that she wasnt wearing much clothes (even more awkward for me probly) and entered the house. then as we were leaving that cul de saw saw the guy that we just told we had an appointment and it was just weird so we kept walking, haha but beyond all the awkward found a awesome family and we were able to teach them so its all about diligence:) ha gotta love it

but yeah well take care, thanks for the photos I love that one with the birds eye view, hope you guys keep enjoying hawaii way sweet!!! glad blakes ok! I was praying a ton for him.

Bueno I know without a doubt this church is true and that God is helping me every day learn and grow. I love this time, and its because its dedicated to our lord and savior jesucristo.

Take care, love you all!!! :)

Elder Carter

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