Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Cambio! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Family! so this week went super well it was pretty crazy at the beginning...quick question thanksgiving hasnt passed right? I think mom you said that its this next week?
We had cambios this week, It was so nuts with cambios, I had to stay at the bus terminal all day constantly calling other missionaries making sure they got to the right place, ha at some times there was sooooooo much bags in the terminal, my companion is super cool guy he is in my group! His name is Elder Salazar he is a stud, he is from Mendoza, Argentina. Ha by the end of my mission im going to have all sorts of different slangs and sayings from all the different countries. Osorno is in the center of all the mission por location so the transfers were very fun ha. We were there from 8 in the morning til 10:30 at night. The night ended with having the bags ready for the missionaries that ended there missions as they boarded the bus for santiago, my last comp Elder Gomez was in the group. It was super weird to see missionaries "die", more then anything my comp. But yep so the next day had a couple more people that we had to send to the terminal but after 1pm we finally got to go work!!! :) I am so stoked for this cambio, me and my comp have a ton of animo, we are creating some awesome ideas and really getting this sector going, ha I only had 2 weeks to learn the sector which was tough but learned enough and now we are learning the rest together. We are working hard and really trying to get things going, we talked to the stake president and we have the book of mormon program coming along, as well we are planning an activity for our ward named "chimbombas" ha thats slang for globo (ballooon) in niceragua. we are creating a game show activity where the members will have teams and have to break balloons that have certain tasks spiritual, trivial, and physical that they will compete against each other, now its just the time to coordinate it well and invite a ton of people, We were super super super stoked our first day we taught someone at the door the other day that has a child, she is 20 years old and was way receptive, yesterday we passed by again to teach her and she accepted a date for baptism, we were super stoked because we have no investigators at this moment and are really trying to get this sector going. She said she was excited to learn more so ill let you know how it goes.

Other news the last couple days has been super awesome, we have been teaching a lot of people and helping alot of people with small tasks. I noticed this week we have a lot of older people in our sector so we have been having tons of oppurtunities to help stack fire wood, and yesterday Idk what it is with me helping people that are carrying branches, but yesterday helped an older man carry HUGE branches to his house, he was from the country and I have no idea what he was going to do with these branches but we were glad to bring them to his house.

Also we have been trying to sing more hymns with people, ha but something super funny happened, Usually we always always try to sing the song in the house or at least on the porch, We were teaching this one lady as she sat on her porch but from her gate which was pretty far, I asked her if she would like to hear a hymn and she said yes, I thought that would get her to open the gate but no after I asked if she could open the gate she said no no right there is fine, so I looked at my comp and we just laughed then sang some verses of I am a child of God, haha oh man we felt pretty funny doing that in the street it totally appeared like we were the evangelicals that sing at the corners of the streets on weekends. and there wer soooo many trucks that passed by as well so it made it difficult to hear, ha but went well the lesson despite all the great things that happened.

But yep crazy week, ha lots and lots of things that we had to do, loving it though, its beautiful here in osorno every house always house a tons of flowers, usually roses, I think its because the humidity, its getting to be super hot now, but the rain never ceases here in south of chile ha at least 2 times a week it has to rain:) gotta love the rain here or youd be a unhappy camper.

This upcoming Tuesday we are planning on having a meeting with the district leaders, we have an awesome zone and we want to get them excited for the work and set some goals as a zone and talk about what we have planned to get our zone starting this transfer well. To answer your question we usually have to talk with people every day, we are always talking about things, usually just approving something they need to do, giving them information about Visas or other things, animating them, and numbers. But its super important to just animate them and give them ideas and tools to spark a idea of how they can help their sectors and districts. So far havent had to many problems, just a couple districts getting along with other comps, but Im sure theyll be some interesting things.

Have no doubt that this is the lords work, thanks for all your support, its super cool to see your efforts to tell people of the happiness that we have. Hope Thanksgiving goes great, excited to open my gifts ha I love how every one of them has a scripture. Love you guys a ton, take care:)

Elder Carter

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