Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baseball and Chimbombas! (Photos)

Hey Hey! Well this week has been way sweet, we have been sooooo busy but enjoying every moment, My comp is way awesome and we have really been enjoying the mission and working hard. This week we have had to plan some awesome things.

First... CHIMBOMBAS!!!
So what is chimbombas? Im sure your dying to know...we did a activity yesterday for our ward that we have been planning for some good time now called chimbombas! It is an activity in a form of a gameshow that everything to do with it has to do with balloons, the fun of it was NO ONE knew what chimbomba meant and everyone was super curius to what it meant...a hna from Niceragua told us balloons in nicerague are called chimbombas so we thought it would be a good idea for an activity, what we did we put a ton of balloons "chimbombas" on a white board and put different game titles inside the balloons, each game with a sweet title like chimbujando...or me duele la chimbomba (my chimbomba hurts) haha we were having some fun with the game titles and games.... but it went super super well!
We did so much propaganda for the activity, we were scared that no one would come because our ward is super small....BUT people came!!!! and it went perfectly. ha every second were popping balloons and screaming "chimbombas!!!" definately a success. ha it was super fun to see all people participating.

Other thing fun is we are in charge of the young mens in our ward and with the bishop we planned an activity this morning to go out with them to a house of the first counselor's friend in the campo, we did service around the house (his friend wasnt member) as well as went to a field and played BASEBALL!!!! ha it was so awesome I couldnt believe it when the 1st counselor took out a bat and tennis balls it was way sweet, it made my week ha it was way fun, there way of playing is a bit different but still way fun, first time seeing baseball and playing baseball in chile, nice little Gringo Culture for the week:) At the end of the activity with the jovenes we sung a song to his friend and shared something short with him, the spirit was super strong as all the young men were singing with us all together, its a privelage to work with the young men.

Also this week has been such an awesome week of teaching, our sector has been known to be a lot slower, but we have been having a ton of excitement in the work and have found and taught a good amount of people this week, we are stoked to get this place going, like I said we have a program in mind to remind the members of their mission duty, we actually have plans to give a "mission call of duty" to the members with a map of our ward boundaries and make it look like a mission call, we also want to take a picture of them and make like a plaque that we can put on the anouncement board of all the members with mission duties (which is everyone but its a fun way of reminding us all) we are way stoked to get this thing going.

ha something funny that happened was some missionaries in our zone lost their cell phone on the bus and called it and it was a man that said if you want the cell phone come to the Lider (wallmart) tomorrow at 2 with 20 bucks, ha I guess its not to funny but you dont hear that to often, our phones arent to fancy and his price for obtaining the cellphone wasnt to high so we will see what happens with this later... the assistants are going to pass by....We have also had to teach a older man in our ward that is in the sector of the hermanas misioneras because he asked if one would get married to him, he is a recent convert and is 85 more or less, I think he just is a little confused so we will be the ones to pass by to help him focus more on the doctrine and spirit rather then the other feelings... ha interesting but yep!

Oh yeah our mamita is super awesome! Did I not tell you yet that she cooks amazing? one of the best mamitas Ive had I think its a tie with her and the mamita from puerto natales. This mamita is a cook for her living so its super bakan. But for thanksgiving she made us a nicer meal with meat and potato salad and a sweet cake with strawberries ha we got to do our family tradition of saying one thing we are thankful for....ill always remember the thanksgiving we had when we had subaru and all his asian friends come over hahah

But hey what more can I tell you that Im working hard, and loving my life right now, the mission is amazing and all I want to do is declare these things that make our lives have so much purpose and happiness. I can see the mission excitement is happening back home with you guys and it brings me so much happiness to see that. Sharing this message and living it is the best combination to find our testimonies and mantain them. This is the best and only way to find peace in this life and the life after. Love you guys a ton

Elder Carter

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