Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hey! Sobrecambio (New Sector, with new Prep Day (Sat) ) w/ Photos

Hey Family!!!!
So this has been a pretty crazy week, first of all I had a emergency transfer..I think its called that in Ingles (sobrecambio), I got a call from president tuesday that I would be going to Osorno as Zone leader. So I had a one night to get packed and say goodbye to investigators and members, Here in Osorno the Preperation Day is on Saturdays so youll have to right me before Saturday now. But yep lots and lots of things to do for sure. My comp right now is sweet, Elder Gomez, he is from Valparaiso,Chile, he is ending his mission in one week so I have to get the sector down in one week. Lots of new things to learn and fast but excited to learn. ha the mission can be super humbling.

This Friday we had the Consejo de los lideres, was super sweet, loved the way president explained how we can improve and inspire others. I loved the concept of giving others the abilitity to choose and find their own revelation while giving them tools, advice, and a framework to get that revelation started. Also got to see a lot of the missionaries I started with was way cool, as well as Hna Rappleye made us taco soup wayyy good havent had that in forever.
As for our sector its super humbling, its a lot of focus on less actives, really really trying to just get to know as many people and streets as possible before the end of this cambio. Its super weird being in the zone of the office and mission home and all, ha always lived far away from it all, its beautiful here, like puerto montt, super green, more of a german style of houses haha not sure if its true but what the people here say. We havent had too much time to work in our sector but we are trying to take advantage of every moment.
Thursday we had an interview with the stake president here and he is super super sweet, we are stoked to get things going here, he is a younger president and has soooo much excitement for the work, we are going to be implementing a book of mormon reading plan that a marriage couple made thats super super sweet for all the stake, but we just got to implement it well.
Also we have a trip to a place called Puerto Octay this sunday after church with him as well, this city used to be a branch but over time was shut down, he is taking us to go try to find if there are still members there and if they are still receptive to getting the branch back and running, excited to see if we can find some members there, they say its beautiful there so maybe ill take a photo for you guys.

But yep lots of things to do its kinda crazy, my last sector was going great my companion was learning a ton and we were finding some awesome familys and other investigators, it was sweet to work so hard and to start seeing the fruits, but yeah ill just have to keep praying for those investigators ha most I can do now. But yep ill miss that sector it was super sweet, got kinda emotional to leave but thats the mission ha. Just gotta give it me all in this sector now. Our zone just had a baptism this weekend so that was sweet, we are just really really going to have to focus a ton on the work with the members. getting their confidence, excitement, and knowledge of how they can improve with the work will be huge. Excited to really seek for the lords guidance to get our sector and others sectors going.

But yep, well hope all is well I love you guys a ton, our you home now?
Pray for you guys always, love you a ton, So greatful to serve the lord and each and every day im seeing the amazing blessings that God has given us. Even in a world filled with so much confusion and sadness, its so amazing what we are privelaged to do as missionarys.
pero bueno,
Take Care!

Elder Carter

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