Monday, May 20, 2013

Great week, street dogs, lessons with milkshakes and yep!

Hey hey
Hows it going up there in the nice sunny side of the world?
It has been a great week, I have a lot of excitement about the work and we are working hard, Im really enjoying every moment even the hard ones, that helps keep the faith going. Its sweet to see progress and have times that humble us to grow as missionaries. Really looking for people to help them and show them this great blessing. Thanks for the letters I enjoyed reading them all, that looks like a sweet craft maker mom, we need someone like you in our branch to do all the activities and crafts.

Thanks for the advice kristy and dad, dad I really liked that part of the 6 moral foundations, I liked that it made me start thinking of new ways to contact. We were in a store today and they had gopros they are so sweet, blake have you filmed any thing cool lately with the gopro that one photo with the shark seal and sting ray was way sweet. Ha bet it was cool to see a seal with a shark in its mouth didnt know that happens, for us I think the most wildlife encounters we have is all the dogs in the streets, there a tons! Im accustomed to it but lately they have been following us, there was a little black dog with curly hair super ugly that was following us one day ALL DAY and other dogs began to follow it and at one point we had about 15 dogs following us at every door contact, ahhh I have patience with all the different types of people but the ugly street dogs will be my test of patience for the mission haha one german shepherd followed us all day and he was huge and whenever another dog tried to attack us he would attack it, it was nice but we didnt want to get part of trouble so we hid from it and an hour later found us... but yeah ill stop writing about the dogs they are taking over my letter now too haha.

but yeah this week was awesome, more then anything for one lesson in particular, we taught hernan and fani and one of their kids, every now and then we teach them with food thats gringo. This time was milkshakes. They liked that a lot, and what we taught was the plan of salvation but it was such sweet lesson of the plan of salvation because usually they are always saying something about their beliefs and not really accepting the lesson completely, but today after showing the plan and answering all of their doubts and concerns and questions. Their faces changed and they began to think, we testified of this plan and said it was from god and that we had no doubt. Then the dad said, this is either a plan of god or written by someone crazy and riduculously smart. We then testified that it was true and told them the answer to that question he had relies on their desire personally to know, and told them to really search for that by reading pondering and praying really really asking god for the answer. The spirit was super strong and even though it was a week pretty dang slow that one lesson was worth it all.
We also have been praying a lot for Alfonso our investigator right now he is having a trial right now with his family, appears his wife isnt likeing the excitement of the church, we are going to fast for his family and think of how we can handle the situation, we need to remember the respect of his wife at all times as we show the love and happiness that comes from the gospel, Alfonso is golden we just got to remind him that the darkness came after lehi ate the fruit and the importance to stay strong and stay firm in his faith.

But its been a good week, like you said kristy its all about the attitude and just loving the mission. Its all good ha, There is nothing to fear nor doubt when you know the truth and that God is on your side, When you began to think about your investigatores and really have a desire to just help and see the truth everything else just falls into place.

But yeah good stuff, we have plans to travel to Paines the national park next pday so we are excited for that. Its beautiful there so im stoked.
but yeah cant really think of much more, its still not snowing here but its cold, it should snow in the next few weeks, ha thanks for the photos of some friends everyone looks great, sweet to see elder farrow, and brent and the rest.
here was a photo we took today just us in centro with a street dog of course.
talk to ya later,
Elder Carter

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