Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey family! sorry this letter isnt going to be too long, I printed out my letters so I can read them later but yeah it was awesome to see you all!
I was stoked to see all the family! Blake Erin, kristy, Dalan, kristys baby belly, Carter, Uncle Dan and Aunt Marie, Maren, and Grandma June. Ha I think I got everyone but yeah awesome to see you all. This morning we had to wake up at 5am to head for punta arenas and it was a nice 3hr bus ride, we are here for the conference of the zone, I got to buy a hat for warmth so that was nice. We are excited for the conference and also their was SNOW!!! haha it was pretty sweet, its starting to get really cold, I didnt bring much snow stuff and we are working in splits tonight for 3 hrs so hopefully we can enter a house to teach. It was so sweet to talk to you all and you all look like your doing great, im back to work loving every min. Its a animo booster to talk to your family and then you are all pumped to get to work, ha and dont worry im not trunky from the call. But yeah was a great day, HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY DE NUEVO MADRE!!!! TE AMO MUCHO! Ill talk to you guys next week, thanks for all the emails makes me feel all fuzzy inside! ha but no for reals.
for news of the work.... Our convert alfonso, his kids have asked him if they can get baptized so us teaching them english and getting them pumped about the gospel is working, this family is really special and can help the rama a ton we are way stoked, But yeah take care!!!

Elder Carter

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