Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov. 19, 2012 (+Photos)

Hey Hey!

What the heck soooo many girls are going on missions now; ha glad I’m here for the right reason, cause it’s not going to be such a common thing that no one will really care when I come home haha. That is so cool how Audrey’s dad is going to be a Mission President that is so awesome!!! You can tell Audrey she can email me that would be sweet, I just can’t write her through email but through letters so she should get one,  (ha takes like a month for people to get it though:/) keeps me concentrated though but you can forward her the emails as like everyone else.
I get so caught up in the work that it’s hard to write people and think about what’s going on in the world, love this work it’s awesome. So yeah please let people know it feels so great to get emails or even letters if they have time, ha nothing like words of encouragement. Oh my goodness I feel the mission changing me every day for the better. I pray every day to just have God change for the better and become who he wants me to be no matter what the price. That usually results in the next day being one of the hardest days of my life. I really have a testimony of hard work and trials, if you don’t have extremely rough days where nothing goes right and you just can’t believe how hard it is then how can you change. I am now realizing for me to change and become someone better I gotta be stretched and feel uncomfortable at times.
This week so far was probably one of the hardest weeks I've ever had and I just look back on it and love it. We have a lot of work to do. We had to drop 6 of our investigators and have been searching and trying every possible thing to just teach and find news. We also have the obligation of keeping the branch happy being called as the ramas counselors dealing with tithes and visiting the members. Not to mention the mental rollercoaster of the language. It is NUTS at times. This whole week we only got to teach 6 lessons which is so little and the rest was searching, talking, and putting all of our energy to find news, we have already knocked on all the doors multiple times and we recognize the majority of the people here, my companion said he had never been so rejected before this place. but I was reading in Moroni 9:6 where it talks about the hard hearts of the people and how no matter how much you get rejected and how much it seems like it’s no use, you gotta continue to preach these things to conquer the enemy of all righteousness. My testimony of faith, hope, and charity has grown so much, you honestly can’t for one second get down and think there is no use, because this gospel must be proclaimed the people whether they want to hear it or not. We just gotta love these people and try all we can do to get through to them.
I have found such a great joy of reading and studying the doctrine of Christ, I have sooo much to learn of this gospel and I just want to learn it all, I am taking Spanish one day at a time and just studying and practicing as much as I can, not the most gifted with Spanish but with faith and diligence in studies its possible.
Ha I also learned a lot of the bad manners that are different here, I am not sure if I told you about how rude it is to yawn in front of people, point at them, and throw things to hand people are just terrible. Ha kind've found those all out the hard way. I am pretty used to not eating anything at night now. Oh so for our investigators progressing we have Luis now and this lady named Lucy, Lucy we found on the street but she was getting the lessons like a couple years ago but couldn’t be baptized cause she had a partner, they are broken up now and she is down to listen again so we are stoked. She said she doesn’t really have the desire to get baptized though saying that they were just great memories she has and she will keep them forever, we reminder her that without works (reading the scriptures, praying, going to church) that desire will go away. She agreed to come to church this week and came!
We had really prayed to have good assistance this week and got 38 so we were way stoked! But yeah we are just keeping our heads up and really pushing through, I have about 60 probably flea bites or so and some spider bites, our house is invested with spiders and I think my bed has fleas, but we are going to clean it again today.

Anyways I pray for you everyday love you guys so much thanks for the prayers and your emails! just making sure are u getting the photos I send?

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