Monday, November 12, 2012

HEY HEY! (Nov 12, 2012)

This must be the stick Zack talked about eating last week. 
Volcano Osorno?

So this week has been a great one! SOOOO MUCH WALKING haha, So hmmm trying to think of what to say... It is weird sometimes I can’t remember anything, I am so glad I write in my journal even if nothing really happens because you forgot the details soooo fast. My bad I forgot to bring it with me. First of all Congrats to all the girls that are going on a mission that is sooo cool! Tell them all I said Congrats! Ask Brent if he got my email last time I’m not sure if I sent it to him. Also if you could get Landon Plilers address that would be so awesome! Sorry dad btw that one link you sent to my blog I can’t look at it ha only can go on this page.

Ahh let’s see, This Sunday I directed our sacrament that was pretty cool, we had a pretty sweet attendance of 36 so that was awesome. I started to write all the people that we could potentially have during sacrament meeting and try to see if we could meet them this week and share something. I have to admit it gets pretty dang fun trying to figure out what to teach someone and how to do it. We have our weekly branch meeting with the president and even though I can’t speak very well I can still give input. Understanding is so much easier then speaking for me. You gotta try so hard sometimes and once you stop paying attention you forgot.

Last week we had to go to Puerto Mont 4 times for meetings and interviews with president. My interview went great, I loved it so much because you can ask him whatever you have on your mind or helpful tips on what to do to find more investigators and he gives you something golden. Such a spiritual amazing man. So grateful to have him as my President.

I have really tried to speak as much Spanish as I possibly can and try to think it, there are just some days where you can’t understand a thing and just want to speak English, ha but once you’re out and about you are forced to speak Spanish you have no choice. Sometimes I forgot that no one speaks English, they will ask you a question and you will respond and think nothing of it. So I think one thing that has been super humbling is how hard it is to teach simply, you may think you know all the lessons and what the gospel is, but it’s a true test to teach it and have a farmer family that has received not much schooling to understand. I really have some hard work to do. Another thing I have learned is the importance of sucking up your pride and just showing love to someone. Some people are so hard hearted and just attack you with how you’re wrong. And you know EVERY come back. But proving them wrong does nothing and takes away the spirit immediately. You just gotta smile, say “I would love to talk to you about the gospel another day” and leave. We really have to show a good example and not stress. There is no doubt in my mind that this gospel is true, that The book of Mormon is the word of God, as Holland said if you fell from the church no matter what you did no matter what you tried to prove wrong you could not run from the truth and divinity of the Book of Mormon, even the 3 witnesses that fell from the church never could deny the divinity of the sacred text, which testifies and holds of the rest of the religion. It has truly been a blessing being able to study the Book of Mormon and preach my gospel for a couple hours each morning.

I do have to be real and say how Los Muermos at times can me very hard, we have had countless days of walking kilometer after kilometer finding no news. But the other day we had one of those and then walked for a good 20 min out to this house in the campo and taught and the spirit testified and filled a ladies room as we testified she would be able to live with those that passed before. It is such an emotional rollercoaster and physical with all the sicknesses, bites, language, and all, but it is so comforting to know that this is true. Why we are here in Southern Chile in a small farm town is to share this truth with everyone. As it says in Jacob 5 of the parable of the vineyard at the end, that some of the caretakers (being missionaries set out to tend and spread the vineyard, as the vineyard keeper was right there with them (being Christ). Thanks a ton Dalan for your awesome inspiring words.

For other news we found a HUGE slug in our house as big as my pointer finger, we got chased by another drunk we named him jack in the box cause he sprung at us, and a German Sheppard almost chased me down and bit me. haha It can be so hard sometimes but it is such a great adventure and is a blast all at the same time. Loving it here. Say hey to everyone back home! Tell Noel Garcia I said hi I haven’t talked to him in forever, I have been trying to write him a letter I just have no time on pday its tough. kinda goes with all other people there are just so many things I want to do on pday ha and things I need to do. I am getting rid of the parasite with a pill so yeah:) starting to get more and more used to the food! we are going to make French toast for the members soon.  They have never heard of it! stoked... oh! If you can in another letter or something send some photos of just some fun things I have done in high school or college like physical pictures and with just some of my friends and some pictures of the family. The members love seeing them and it’s fun to show your comp some things you have done in your life. If you can whenever! thanks! thanks for everything! PS SOOO BUMMED ROMNEY LOST but whatever ill live, church is right about what we need to do and be positive

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  1. Great hearing what your up too! Praying for you and that the language will come to you! It will. Reading in Ether today in Chapter 12. The one verse, if you come unto me I will show you your weakness and then those things will become strong for you. I'm sure this is a humbling place to be, so proud of your efforts Elder Carter!
    Aunt Shelly Carter
    ps love the photos!