Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy End of November

Hey Hey Hey!

Wow! Looks like you have been pretty busy having a super sweet Thanksgiving! Hah glad Dad is still giving it all he’s got on the football field. My Thanksgiving was pretty sweet, I think we remembered it was Thanksgiving at like 1pm and played a song about giving thanks so that was pretty cool, and later that night we bought a cookie at a market haha. Yeah I don’t think one person here knew it was Thanksgiving. It was a great day though all days are.  To answer your question mom I’ll probably be in good old Los Muermos for 10 more weeks. After your training (2 cambios or 12 weeks) you usually are in your sector for one more cambio. So yeah, loving it here though. That is so sweet for Mackynzie! Tell her I said congrats! Ha Carter is getting so BIG!

Dad I looked into the flea thing and they don’t have the bomb thing but we have this flea spray. I covered my mattress and sheets in it and aired it out. I just did it so I haven’t gotten to see if it worked. I still have SOOO MANY Bites. I had a couple nights where I couldn’t sleep cause my body itched too bad, I would wake up itching. So that last 2 nights I pray way hard to be able to not itch at night and so far I haven’t had to wake up. (prayer is a great anti-itch cure haha) But yeah haven’t got the package yet I won’t find out till tomorrow when we drive in to Puerto Mont, it usually takes awhile but I’ll let you know when I get it.

We have had some fun weather lately. This whole week we would wake up and our house would be 40 in the morning, and that cold with humid is bone chilling. Getting out of the shower is always fun. And we don’t have more wood left. Because once it gets to like 1pm the sun comes out (cause its summer) and it gets way hot in the day. So we get the best of both worlds I guess ha. But it’s all good. Got to watch some drunk guys the other day TRY to fight, it was kinda lame though cause they would try to fight and end up like doing an awkward hug. There was also just some guy cruising around the streets in his horse drawn carriage. Something new haha.

But yeah, had my first BAPTISM Saturday! It was so great, the service went so smooth, we pretty much did all the planning for it since we don’t have a ward missionary leader, had to go early and clean the chapel, print out the fliers, call and remind everyone and fill and clean the font which was gross cause it is just in like a shed attached to the capilla. But the hard work paid off! The spirit was tan fuerte! I loved it the 11 year old girl seemed very happy. Also Sunday we had our 2 progressing investigators at church today!!! That made my week I was so happy. It was Luis first time assisting the church. You are constantly praying and just hoping he gets the best experience. It was perfect because it was our primary presentation this week and our 5 kids in primary did such a good job, he loved it. It’s amazing what children’s testimonies can do to people. Also in Sunday school he learned more about the importance of baptism and repentance in order to receive the blessings of Israel, which is just what he needed.

Days with lessons are like holidays here, and tracting all day is like a busy day of work on a Monday ha. But you just gotta do it and stay positive. It’s amazing what positivity does. I’m back in 1 Nephi now just finishing Moroni and the funnest thing in the world is starting back in 1 Nephi and ALWAYS learning something new, I think my favorite chapter of 1 Nephi is ch 13 of the vision of the gentiles coming to the Americas bringing the book of the Jews and just basically the restoration all capped in to one amazing chapter. I need to be more careful with not getting sidetracked with all the footnotes though they are just such a temptation to learn about some sweet doctrine. You just gotta be careful, Today I went from learning about that vision to Angel Gabriel being Noah, haha but yeah we are starting a new program for the Ward, we had one earlier called Plan 9, where they have set scriptures that they read every night at 9 and then pray as a family after and before for how they can relate the scripture and how they can invite or find people they can invite to the church. It blew up and they loved it, so we are going to kick it back up in December. We are doing it a little different though trying to give it themes for like each week, like for Christmas just scriptures of Christ, or one week just being about obedience. I started a little book I keep in my pocket of different topics of scriptures so if I ever need one in a lesson I can share it. Having simple things like that makes it that much easier and helps you so much. But yeah still struggling to find new investigators here but we are working and staying positive, love it.

We have been getting our Christmas spirit getting some tunes going for Christmas. Love it. That’s to bad Blake is sick tell him I hope he gets better. And tell him and Erin I said HEY! Also Kristy and Dalan and especially Carter ha. Glad you tried to do something with the missionaries ha always a fun one when you’re at an activity or a house with a TV on and no matter what it is you gotta tune out of it and look away. Anyways things are going good here. Love you all. If you could look up the best way to relieve itching, cause this itching cream does not work. and yeah. Love you! Ha nice your doing Spanish dad, here are some Chilean words for ya,

Al Tiro= right now
bacan= cool
mich= kinda like wow or huh

p.s. hey to all the people I forwarded this too ha sorry I can’t send you an email so here it is! Hope all is well out on your missions!!!!

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