Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Trip to the MTC

Monday night, Zack wanted to get Mexican food for the last time (They don't have tortillas in Chile). 

The Last California Burrito for Two Years

Zack was set apart by President Brad Baker Monday night.  The next day, Zack, Shelly and Ron flew to Utah.  Zack wore his suit, looking the part and getting several comments from other passengers ("Good luck", "What mission are you going to?", etc.).

We spent the night at the Grandparents, with a last supper at Chili's Restaurant (no pun intended).

Last breakfast at Kneaders for their famous French Toast.

Everyone was fighting their emotions and we all were dreading the finality of the MTC drop-off.  We found a spot nearby for photos.

The MTC (Missionary Training Center) was impressively organized.  They directed traffic to one of a dozen drop-off "stations" along the curb with smiling missionaries waiting to greet and help us.  We took a quick photo and Zack was off to his new life.  We didn't have time to cry and honestly it was an exciting experience.  

We're very proud of Zack.


  1. Aw sounds like a great experience! I'm glad everything went so smoothly! I am so excited for him! :)

  2. I'm so proud and excited for Zack AND his family who will feel the blessings while he's on his mission. :)

  3. Zack attack is a boss.
    Send him my love and honor.
    Serving the Lord side-by-side from thousands of miles away!
    Elder Marshall