Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My heart is so full!!! This week so far has been so amazing!!! My testimony of family, prayer, and fasting is stronger than ever. Thanks to everyone who fasted and prayed for me. I felt so loved. Sunday I woke up and felt something was different, a good different though, the spirit was so strong. Even stronger than before. I gave the closing prayer during sacrament and felt it so strongly, as I spoke the spirit was igniting in my soul even with chopped up Spanish. Since Sunday my health has gotten sooo much better, and I feel as though during hard times I am being lifted by God and angels. Thanks for fasting for me I really needed it and now I just want to work harder than ever.

My companions and I are getting along so great! Our teacher gave us a lesson on how all of us have potential and we need to decide if we want to start that now and work towards it and make it a 2 year mission, or try later and make it a 5 week mission, we all decided we won’t live our mission with regrets, we will work when we need to and do more than we are supposed to.

Regarding sleep it is so funny what I have to do in morning personal study. I sometimes I have to study my scriptures standing next to the wall doing calf raises or something to keep me attentive. The Lord provides a way though and for me to study when I’m so tired that’s what I need to accomplish the task at hand.

For TRC (Training Resource Center) where we teach volunteers, we got to teach Santiago, the same one from last week, he is so awesome, we taught him about prayer and revelation this time regarding why and when we should pray. I bore my testimony of how I was able to decide to go to BYU-Idaho through revelation of prayer and how blessed I am for choosing to go there. He told us he could see progress in our Spanish skills and definitely could see the gift of tongues happening.

Some games we do at night to relieve stress is a couple we made up, we even have a leadership board for who won the game that night. The 3 games we made up are 7 on the line a basketball game (we made a hoop out of a cardboard box and taped it to our wall), Frizz-Wall (frizbey wall ball), and Trial Toss (tricks with a ball as you throw it against the wall) it is so amazing how creative you can get here and how simply entertained we are.

Something cool happened Sunday, Brother Monson videotaped us singing Happy Birthday in Spanish to his Uncle (The Prophet) haha. It was sooo cool, I even gave a nice pointer and smile at him, and he showed it to him that night. When He watched I guess he said "Muy Bueno" so I’m sure he was proud and impressed by our angelic voices (chiste;) ) haha Another awesome thing that happened Sunday was Elder Neil L Anderson Spoke at Devotional!!!! We luckily got early so we got good seats! Oh man do General Authorities have great things to say and such a powerful spirit. I felt it the whole time. He gave us advice for the mission. One thing he quoted was "You are instruments in the Lords hands" and how when we are on the lords time he will bless us. Last week I was walking back to our dorm after a long day and looked at all the missionaries, I saw angels over all of them; some had 2 or 3, just watching out for them. I did not see them with my eyes though I can’t really explain it, later Brother Monson told me God revealed that to me as a vision, and they don’t come with your eyes, it’s a spiritual experience. But how powerful is that, that God and angels are always there for us even during hard times.

Thanks for the Tie Clip and gym stuff!!! Grandma and Grandpa also sent me an awesome tie clip and tie pin of angel Maroni. When I get things like that I feel so loved so thank you!!!! Tell grandma thanks for her inspirational words they helped so much, I will write her as soon as I can.

I MEMORIZED THE FIRST VISION! I was so excited to tell our mock investigator it, I did it with the spirit and it was so cool to do in Spanish. It’s amazing how much the spirit has even when we can’t say what the spirit wants to teach them. I think one thing I would like to tell you is the power of prayer! I was reading in 3 Nephi 18-18-21, this is after Jesus talks about the sacrament in the Americas. WE must ALWAYS pray! For it provides us protection as well as an amazing relationship with God. We also are more tuned to receive revelation from him. What better way to protect us and fill us with knowledge then going to the source of all truth and knowledge many times of the day. I encourage everyone to take this word and act on prayer always; you’ll be surprised how much more charged your spiritual battery will be!!!
Kristy!!! I am so excited for Carter! Glad that he can overcome is awkward crawling hahah tell him I’m so proud to be his uncle!
Mom I’m so happy for you, and so grateful to be your mom, Just hearing the blessing you have received lately and what you have realized to better your relationship with God is awesome I’m so happy. Thanks for all the help.
Dad! Thanks for your advice and stories of the home front, I am so blessed to have you as a dad. Everything you said went straight to my heart, and has helped immensely; the learning curve is so real your right! I just feel so much love from both of you and the rest of my loved ones so thank you! I am excited to hear more about that Evangelical/Mormon thing so fill me in

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