Sunday, August 5, 2012

First Letter from the MTC

Mi Familia,

Oh the MTC is so great!  I am just writing to let you know that my P-day is not til next wed, so I won't be able to email you til then.  Also, unfortunately they just came out with a rule where no pictures can be sent to anyone at the MTC so I was think I'd send my card home every now and then.  But anyways I will be totally hones the MTC is very hard, challenging, tiring and more but I LOVE IT!  My district is AMAZING and me and my comp besides our completely different personalities I love him to death and I let him know that.  Early on I was down but then lifted up when we were taught by the president that we need to love and help our comps.  My mission is to love, help, and allow my comp to be as happy and comfortable as possible, even though its hard sometimes, its worth it.
  Another thing is how surprised I am at the immersion in Spanish already!  My teacher in a 3 hour class period speaks about 10 words of English and I love it!  Super overwhelming but if I just stick to what I need to do it will come.  I'm tired already but our district wants to do everything with complete obedience, we build off each other.  I have not missed Facebook or TV or music.  I just love the gospel and have already increased my relationship with God and his Son.  Thank you so much already for the prayers.  I can feel the love so keep them coming; they do help.  Also, let others know letters and packages are amazing here, it hard work and its good to know people love you.  But overall let people know prayers mean sooo much, way more than letters or gifts.  It's amazing how the Lord is such a special/important part of my life already.  I am so blessed to be here.  Thanks so much for your example and love, also BYU-ID has prepared me so much I LOVE IT.  Anyways, write you soon.

Con Amor,

Elder Carter

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