Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First email from the MTC

Mom and Dad!

I love and miss you so much!  Your letter made my day!  And yes I got it obviously o thanks so much!!!! :) Glad you got mine. And prayers really do help so keep them coming. I pray for you and the family and everyone back home as well. The spirit is so strong here. I have so much to tell you in so little time. We only get 30 min so it’s hard to get everything out.

Ever since Sunday it has gotten a lot easier; and more spiritual. You can send me photos I just can’t send them at the MTC so please do. Also thanks so much for the cookies they are really good. We are always hungry at night because we only have 3 set meal times so they were so nice to have.  Mom I keep forgetting about the phone thing as well. WE get in meetings sometimes and the back of your head is telling you tell turn your phone off or you get a phantom phone ring its funny. It is hard sometimes knowing I can’t just call you and tell you stuff I need or just to say hi. But that’s where my companions and the Lord come in; it’s crazy how much the Lord helps. You don’t need to worry; the MTC is so amazing. The spirit is so strong here I can’t put in words HOW amazing it is.  I have become so aware of the spirit and it dwells in my heart at all times. It can be offended very easily and you notice it immediately so the spirit is a good way to know how you are doing.

My companion is such an amazing Elder and I was blessed to have him as my companion.  HE has such an amazing testimony.  Unfortunately he had to clear some things up so he had to go home for awhile to fix them. I was able to comfort him during this time.  It was a very hard, emotional, yet good experience to have. I’m glad I could be there for him.  Pray for him to help him know God is there for him.

My new companions are Elder Hart and Elder Miller.  I love these Elders so much. They are just like me so we have a lot of fun and feel the spirit.  It’s going to be a great time with them. I’ll let you know more about them later. There are 4 elders going to Madrid Spain, 3 of us are going to Osorno, and 2 are going to Rancagua, Chile.  All of my district is amazing and we work hard.  Dad I felt grandmas presence already multiple times. It is nice to know that she is here supporting me and is proud. She is such a great person to have around me here.

We rarely speak English in our classes so Spanish is coming SLOWLY with the power of the spirit. We got to teach an investigator (Mock) and he only speaks Spanish. His name is Daniel and he is from Mexico. We have already taught him 4 times. It is hard because we have to butcher Spanish but you learn how to say things in the easiest way getting around hard things to get out. We committed him to baptism as we told him about following Christ’s example. And he said YES! The spirit was so strong and it was such a cool experience. Bearing your testimony in Spanish is such an amazing thing.

The food is good for the most part. I actually had to go to the doctors here because I have not been able to release my bowels for 7 days. I kind of did today but still struggling, pray for me. Don’t worry though I will be okay the doctor is helping me. I’ll keep you updated.

I was worried about making friends here, but then I have already felt so much love form my district, my zone, and other elders and teachers. Everyone is so nice. I have already been known pretty well and everyone comes to me to be entertained and make learning about the gospel fun. We constantly make songs about things in Spanish such as singing "estamos agradicido por nuestras familias" at the top of our lungs it’s so great. We are all very close and it makes tough times easier. Everyone has each other’s backs. We are all each other’s keepers...

Keep sending Dear Elders asking questions and responses cause it gives me time to make an outline of what I can say. I love typing to u so it’s awesome. Here is a scripture that sums up how I feel at the moment. Alma 26:12-13.  I won’t type in sake of time but it’s about Ammon saying he is weak in spirit without faith in the lord. I am nothing without God and Jesus Christ and some things I have learned I would not be able to without the spirit.  I am so grateful for that. It is really humbling. I have been way humbled and my faith in Christ is rising at a speed I have never gotten to before. The power of the Holy Ghost is real.

Please keep telling me stories and what is going on. It is truly a comforter to hear from your family… Letters make me feel so good.  I'll admit it is hard at times.  Your prayers, letters, packages, and love have helped so much. My love for the Gospel is at a high and it keeps growing. This is the hardest I’ve worked in my life the past 7 days already and I love every minute of it. It’s hard waking up at 6:30 but with Faith I can do it. I know that's funny how hard it is for me, but you know me and mornings. The spirit sometimes whispers to me, “ok if you get up I promise you won’t be as tired in an hour” and the next hour I’m up and awake happy as can be. I am so glad I could give the most precious thing to my heavenly father and that is my will. Serving a mission is such a great feeling. It is weird looking out the window here knowing that others are doing other things in the world, but when you get down to my purpose, First Chapter of PMG there is no doubt in my mind that this is what I need to do and I go forth with faith, with an eye single to the Glory of God. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! I feel your love everyday and am so thankful for you. Thanks for teaching me and raising me. The gospel is real and use it in your lives!

Con Amor,

Elder Carter

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