Monday, July 28, 2014

The best investment one can make

To start off this week was incredible, I wanted this last week to be something special and it was. Like the rest of the weeks I had the desire to talk to EVERYONE. And to help them come unto christ. This week was incredible, I think ill start off with the best activity I had done yet on the mission. Our activity that we called "ayekantun" which is "fun" in mapudogun (native language) It was a competition of dishes that are tasty, cheap, and creative. We spent a month planning and spreading the word, everyone said in this small branch the activities never turn out and we wanted to show them that they can. SO... we made awesome papers for the members and investigators to fill out their dish, how much it cost, the ingredients, and how do you prepare it, and talked to everyone multiple times getting them excited, we made sweet certificates and assigned judges (one was the hilarius matrimonio biggs, who are a marriage couple missionarys. as well as 2 hermanos to judge the food, 50 PEOPLE came!!!! we were so stoked, 15 investigatos mas o menos and 35 members. Everyone was loving the activitiy, I also did what grandma carter did with putting candy in a jar and having them guess to win it, and that was a hit! Everyone was participating, I did a banana bread that turned out super rico:) ha but it didnt win
:( we invited one old man to come that we contacted in the street that had 90 years old and he came! haha he liked one plate and ate that no mas it was super funny, I put photos of the activity.

As I bore my testimony in front of this branch of 35 I couldnt hold back the tears, I love branches, I got to know very well each and every one of these members, The branch president thanked my work in front of all the members and said some words super super nice towards me, as well recieved a call from the district president thanking me for the work we have been doing for his district. And he wants to stay in contact in facebook and skype haha, As I bore my testimony of the mission the spirit filled the room and I felt love for each and every one of the people there and the people I have met, my last days of the week I set aside a couple hours to do pure contacts (my love of the mission) and we entered a house  and found an awesome man that was excited to get to know the restoration.

Another amazing thing that happened is the older man that had 83 years old that we invited to be baptized and accepted last week came to church!!!!!!!!! as I bore my testimony he started to cry and gave me a hug saying he was going to miss me, I let him know my companion and the elder that would come would be there for him as well the branch.
AS WELL! a hermano we had been struggling with to get him to get the priesthood that was a recent convert that I told you finally recieved it, blessed the sacrament for his first time in the meeting. I was so greatful to see so much changes I truly have a testimony of the atonement because I have seen it in the lives of others.

Well I wont say more until we see each other in person. Love you guys so much and I cant expres how greatful I am for my family, you guys are amazing, thanks for your prayers, support, and letters you have sent me this 2 years of my life. I love the mission and its gonna be hard to leave this great place,
I called denny and talked to him and might be able to see him in santiago but we will see:)

Love you guys so so so much, this truly is the truth, the everlasting gospel, that heals the wounded and cures the broken hearts that all mankind has, Jesus Christ is our savior and in this time I have gotten to know him on a more personal level, He loves us so much, and through him we can be changed, I have been changed by his atonement and I have seen the changes he has had in others. We can share many things to people but what it all comes down to us the atonement of christ, We are saved by his grace after all we can do. Love you mom, and dad, kristy, dalan, blake, erin, grandma june, etc You truly have made an impact on my life and supported me in this time. well the last letter of the mission, hope that you could feel a piece of the spirit  that I feel daily as you have read my letters.

Love you tons
Elder Carter

heres some photos of the activity we did

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