Monday, July 14, 2014

hand of the lord each and every day

Wow I cant tell you how cool this week was. We had some awesome experiences this week. We had some stuff going on in our zone and decided to do 2 divisions this week, the first one was in the town by our sector called san jose. I went with elder nielson and it was one of the coolest days ever. We talked to EVERY person that came in our way and EVERY person was super receptive. One of the coolest people was a man named cristian, it was super super cold that day and as we stopped him he stopped completely and we talked there for about 30 minutes, we talked about him and his work, as well our missions, then the question came to him... " are you guys catholic or evangelical" we smiled and said at the same time "neither" we explained the restoration and his eyes opened, the spirit was there and he was very interested, we testified of how we came to know these things and invited him to get baptized, he accepted the invitation and set up a time the elders could pass by,
late that night we saw 3 teenagers playing basketball and elder nielson said one was a less active I said we should go over and we went and shot a run a bit and then we challenged the 3 to a game 2 against 3, We put a bet on the line that if we win they have to go to church sunday, and we WON!! ha they got super tense at the end of the game cause they did not want to wake up early but was way fun haha all the kids around in the neighborhood began watching us, Id imagine that would be a good show two white boys with untucked white shirts and ties going hard against three jovenes.

Earlier in the week for our weekly noche de hogar with the familia huaquimilla and their friend we made popcorn for them while they watched the testaments and at the end the spirit was way strong, their friend started to cry from the spirit and we shared to her that this is why we put so much emphasis on the book of mormon, and invited her to get baptized, she accepted but needs to get permission from her parents. are main goal with her is to meet her parents even though they live in the country.

haha other sweet sweet experience is we were returning from our intercambio in panguipuilli which is like an hour away and in the middle of lanco and panguipulli its pure country except a small small town. As we were passing the small small town I got the strongest impression to get off the bus, which would make no sense cause we were heading to lanco to eat lunch. But we past the town and I continued to have this strong strong impression, I asked god if we should and I got the same feeling, so....... We got off the bus! in the middle of the country, there was only like 2 farm houses to the right of house so we went and knocked one of the doors and answered a friendly old lady, we asked if we could sing her a song and came out her daughter and her grandson and we sang and taught them 3, they never had met mormons before so that was way fun. Then we saw a very country lady struggling to fix her barbed wire fence, so we helped her, she couldnt read ni talk very good but loved that we were there, she invited us in to eat or for some tea (ha everyone loves tea and coffee here) but we had to get going, I had the impression that I did what the spirit wanted me to do, kinda fun!

ha maybe one mroe that I can tell you is remember that old member we passed by with the relief society!? we pass by him like once a week to read and sometimes for the sacrament, As we went to pass by him we saw some other grandpas that we had passed by and I got the great idea to invite them to come visit the hermano we always visit that has to remain in the bed because he always says not that much visit him. They got excited and went with us. It was a hit with the hermano! he loved the company and his neighnors loved learning a little more about what we believe. ha they all were like 90 years old It was a super cool.

As well one recent convert here was super nervous to bless the sacrament so we invited him and his wife to come with us to bless it for this hermano in the retirement home, he agreed and the spirit was so strong as he blessed it for his first time, everyone was filled with tears and as they left they said "oh elder please tell me when you go to visit people that need help I felt the spirit so strong I would love to go again", the hermano as well smiled and said "I felt the spirit so strong as I blessed the sacrament"

Much much more but Ill refrain so I can tell you more later on... im just super stoked to work, im just so greatful to work here, I feel like the lord is working miracles here each day.

Love you guys a ton,

Elder Carter

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