Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love the mission:)

Well this week was awesome. I think I can start saying it will be hard to leave for me. Here in Lanco its a smaller pueblo so you get to know a fair share of all the people here and like 2 months ago Me and my companion talked to this man of 83 years old. I ran into him this week and we invited him to see if he would like to come to the church later that day. He agreed, he was excited cause he liked to talk to us, he looks more like he has 60 or 70. He walked all the way to the church and we gave one of the best tours I have ever had. At the picture of josephs smiths first vision as I told him the first vision the spirit filled the room, I testified that God the father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and called him to be a prophet. I then testified to him the 3rd member of the Godhead is the holy ghost, and that he doesnt have a body so he can dwell within us. I told him without a doubt in my mind the spirit was there present telling him this was true. His appearence changed and he smiled and said I have a lot of questions to ask. He later told us, wow to become mormon I will have to be taught more from you guys but I like what I see. I have been catholic all my life but I want to learn more about this. We invited him to be baptized the 16th of august as a goal and he accepted, We walked him back home and I felt the spirit so strong, I did not want to leave lanco, I want to stay so bad to keep teaching him,

Later that night we went to a appointment we had with a couple, we knocked on the door and they werent there but the fire was on, we felt like we should go to the house of  the mom of the husband because he gave us a reference to go visit her so we went to go buy eggs there (acting like we were on our way to the noche de hogar) there we asked her if she had seen her soon and his wife and she said no, right then they called us and told us sorry cause they just woke up from a nap and to come, we then promised the mom we would return the next day with brownies. we watched the video of the restoration with the couple. After the video ended we bore our testimonies and the member that came with us testified as well. The spirit was so strong they couldnt deny it. We made brownies with them and then gave them the next day to his mom, this couple is super super awesome, we just got to find a way to get the wife to get excited to go to church. The activity saturday will be a good way to get her excited.

Im super super happy, we are working hard and im just enjoying each moment, My last day in my last sector is next tuesday then I have to go to osorno, so this week im giving the lord my all. I have mixed feelings obviously, I love the people here and I am filled with joy that I have given my all. I have no regrets.

I gave a talk this sunday and I feel so comfortable at the podium, I love testifying to this branch of how much I love them and this gospel. I talked about how even though I have seen so many miracles in my mission I talked about the question many people have is .... why does god sometimes not heal me, or answer my prayers, or give me success? I talked about the brother of jared, and how if we never had opposition we could never test our patience, diligence, love, etc. I have learned so much this past 2 years, gained many new brothers sisters and friends. I have seen people come closer to God, change their lives, and be changed by this gospel. I love my mission and all that it has done for me and for the people here in chile. Thanks so much family for your support and for helping me become the person I am today, Love you so much. Take care this week:)

Elder Carter

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