Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey Family and Friends!
I sent you another Email regarding skype!

This week was super awesome and crazy. So that we can have things to talk ill save the majority for the skype on christmas!

But some highlights of the week were, finding two more people that said yes to getting baptized if God answers their prayers.
We had our activity of caroling and christmas activities which was way crazy and stressful at first but ended amazing.
Had a super awesome experience in a baptismal interview, Its always so cool to do baptismal interviews to hear the testimonies of the people that are ready to take upon themselves the name of christ. He will be the father of a family that all are members already (wife and kids) and now he will be completing this family :) . As well we have a couple more activities for this weekend but Ill be telling you about those during skype, the first is today we are going to be traveling to a place called rio negro a city nearby where we will be singing in the plaza with another zone. and Sunday we are part of the stake choir and the christmas program will be tomorrow sunday, so we are excited for that. Ha my head has never hurt so much at all the planning and preparations for a lot of things but Im still enjoying it!

Its been super super hot this last week, I think this was the first week of all my mission where it hadnt rained once in the week. I think thats a record here in southern chile haha.

But yep excited to hear from you all this week, christmas is such an amazing time to serve others and enjoy it with the people we love. Lets continue to remember why and not get caught up in the meaning of christmas that the world has created. ooh man it is nuts how people can act during this time, here in the stores its nuts, it reminds me of when we would go to the mall the week of christmas. Im so greatful we have the gospel to remind us of the true meaning of christmas. So im excited for this week to continue serving in this time. Hope we all can reach out our hand and find a way to help the rest remember the reason for the season, and bring the spirit to someonee this christmas.... be talking with you soon fam!!!! Love you guys a ton!

Elder Carter

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