Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy New Year!! (Photos)

Hey Family! Well was awesome seeing you in skype, hope you guys passed christmas good, Excited for the new year? ha nice idea with the beach, its super super hot here. We are in great need for one of those thermostats in our house. ha youll have to take pictures of the gifts you got cause it was a little blurry. This email is going to be shorter cause I kinda already told you all about this week, but...
yep we are just waiting for the transfers, we already found out a lot of changes for our zone, one elder will be training a brazilian so that will be fun for that elder, we still dont know ours though they will be calling us tonight to tell us the cambios. Im almost sure we will be staying together but you never know. I want to stay though!

We actually just started a sweet program for our ward called mi deber misional where we give them a type of mission call (duty call) that they open as a family. Ill tell you more about it as time goes on, we are really focusing on getting everyone excited. It was way sweet to see the family and was amazing to have a family prayer im so blessed to have such an awesome family. Hah we sure know how to have a good time and as well grow closer to god. Thanks so much for all you guys do.
Ill be letting you know the cambio next saturday. and if I change it will be monday haha. but I dont think so.

I have been dying from the heat here its terrible ha I just gotta get better at putting on sunscreen. heres some photos of this week for you all. Next week for sure ill have more to talk about... love you so much!


Elder Carter

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