Monday, December 10, 2012

Zack's 20th Birthday

Wow! First of all I just want to thank everyone for all the Birthday wishes and emails that made my day! I was way lucky to have my birthday on P Day that was kinda nice. I really got way stoked to have a good amount of emails, it’s pretty dang amazing to get that so thanks to everyone!!!

This week was a great learning week! I am so glad I write in my journal everyday cause it helps me remember what happened.  First off, for half the week it was a pretty big bummer cause my companion had to get Warts removed from his feet. And they basically ripped off all the skin after burning them it is pretty gross, but they are on the bottoms of his feet so we haven’t been able to walk really. Only have been able to go to our set Citas. And I’m not going to lie, the WORST thing as a missionary is having to stay in your house and not go forth with the work. And you’re pretty limited what you can do in the house. I’ll just tell you what I did one of the days where we had to stay in ALL day since we had no citas. Even though it may sound productive, it wasn’t mission work productive so ehhh pretty bogus. But here is the Day Elder Carter was stuck in is house all day: did my normal personal study, comp study, lang study, wrote a 20 min Spanish talk for Sunday, played hymns on our ghetto keyboard we have for some reason, sewed my clothes cause I had a lot of rips and some buttons that fell off (yes I sewed! haha I was so proud), cleaned, organized my study supplies, washed all my clothes but our washer machine kinda is super ghetto and couldn’t spin my socks to get the water out so I had to wring out 20 socks so my hands are like still sore ha, hung them all, read the scriptures more, listened to motab, some Disney (not love ones don’t worry) we are allowed to listen to more uplifting Disney stuff its sweet, umm hmm our mamita made us a sandwich that was wayyyy sweet haven’t had one of those for awhile, and yeah some more other stuff.  We were DYING to get out in the streets.

Also this week it was the end of that English Class that we were helping with, they had a little graduation ceremony it was pretty sweet with only like 4 people and they presented each person with a little diploma they gave us ones too for helping I was pretty proud, The professor that spoke some English got a little teary eyed when he realized he would never see us again, this English class was really good because they were all not members so it got them to really get attached to the missionaries and we got one of our investigators from it, we are going to try to pass by the professor next cambio at his house but it’s just kinda a far trip out to his house in the campo, they also gave us some food and stuff for after it was good, the people here take it really hard when they realize they will probably never see you again.

One very humbling experience was were knocking in a more poorer area and we knocked on this house and a very camposino man came out and invited us in, this house was made out of tin and it was sooooo tiny, I have never been so grateful for what I have had, it was just a very dirty, run down house, they kept their fire wood in the living room and they had a very small kitchen that connected to their small room, it was just so run down and I couldn’t believe they lived there, for windows they used newspaper or plastic bags, he didn’t own shoes, and as we taught them we were going to leave them with a pamphlet but they couldn’t read so we said just to look at the pictures and pray, it is tough to teach someone that can’t read. They also only had bread to eat. It didn’t help too that they told us how a chupacabra was visiting them at night which is a mythological monster. We didn’t laugh this time though because we realized how inappropriate it is you really gotta hold it back sometimes and it hurts.

Other news we were getting back from one of our lessons and this group of teens just started going on off on us saying every bad word in Spanish possible luckily I don’t know them and they looked a little drugged up, they also said some pretty mean bad things, then we kept walking and they started throwing rocks at us and one guy started to come after us, we just kept walking and luckily no rocks hit us and the guy turned back, for some reason I just thought of that as a cool true fact that the gospel will get attacked and will be hated, and no person can ever change the truth of the gospel or take that happiness away from me, even if it’s hard, more just scary that a rock almost hit me ha. Also we were walking and directly across the street a car just nailed this dumpster it was a big metal one and it sounded like a bomb went off and the car just plowed through it, and kept driving cause no one stops here, it couldn’t make it too much further though it had a bad flat and probably other bad damage. We were lucky we didn’t walk on that side this time.

I was reading my patriarchal blessing and it has been such a great testimony of what I’m doing, my testimony of my patriarchal blessing has grown immensely, so cool how we have that sacred guidance. I just love teaching and although still have so much to learn regarding teaching and the language I just love it so much, I can have conversations with people and teach in Spanish even when I still am pretty dang bad, I just gotta keep putting my faith in the lord and recognize my progress so far. Its hard but worth it! STOKED for all the people going on missions! Let Chelsea and Mackynzie know How STOKED I AM FOR THEM!!! And everyone else that is so exciting! thanks for all the pictures I love ugly sweater parties so much I could easily do that here they got some pretty sweet old man sweaters here in Los Muermos haha. Love you so much family and I pray for you every day and for everyone else to, I am so grateful for our family and thanks mom and dad so much for raising me to be the child I am now! I was trying to tell one of the guys in our ward what Blake does for a living but patios don’t exist here but I still tried, ha miss you bro.
For everyone else thanks so much! Letters take forever here to get to the states like a month or two so yeah haha sorry you’ll get them soon!

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