Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hey hey just a little note before tomorrows chat!
Quick thought as well, My comp said that he was like 4 hrs difference from his family in highland utah, so are u sure that you are only 2 hrs away? maybe just double check to be sure, and maybe just have the computer on just in case. Excited to talk to you guys so much. start thinking of things you want to talk about! we have 45min pretty stoked! Hope you are all having an amazing christmas.

 Its been a great week, at first way slow, like nothing all week, just a lot of rain and walking, and all people were bailing on our citas. But we kept at it and then the weekend came and some great things were happening. On sunday we had 5 investigators at church which was very exciting nad the most we have ever had, that right there was such a great christmas president. We also have found 2 complete families to teach which really got us happy. We also are going to start teaching the boyfriend of our investigator Lucy, who has 2 kids and they came to church and seem interested. Lucy said she thinks they are going to get married soon so thats one other family right there, lucy has no doubt in her mind that she wants to get baptized as well, just gotta get them married and stuff. Also with another investigator, Ingrid, we found out she is cousines with some of our most active members in the ward and they have been perfect in getting her to church and they invited her to come over after for the rest of the sunday. We have been very pleased with what the lord has provided for us and we are excited to continue to stay obedient so we can be vessels of the spirit. So it ended up to be a great week of the work.

Also for letters to other people youll be getting letters soon ha just takes awhile to get letters to the US from here. Hope everyone has a great Christmas! youll get them soon!

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