Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey Family! Im sorry I cant write much because we got back late from our zone activity (we are really far so it hard to fit everything in) , but luckily we will be able to talk on skype on christmas! We have to coordinate when we can skype, We can video chat anytime from the 22nd to the 26th but I would love to skype on christmas, how does 4pm my time sound? like 1230 your time I think? PLEASe let me know by friday so I can write you then to make sure. I will let you know my skype account friday and write you a little more then,  For cambios I am staying with Elder Gardner for one more cambio. So I will be in good ol Los muermos for most likely 2 more cambios one more with him. Pretty rare i think? but my companion is awesome Im excited to become even better friends with him, also get to spend christmas with companion I like. Also has been pretty dang cole with a TONNN of rain like everyday. The spanish has really been getting better Its on one day and off the other. Like you said lessons are a lot easier then conversation but yeah its slowly coming I can keep conversation and understand people a lot better, The word phrasiing is starting become a little more natural but it will all come in time. Where I started my mission will get to see me at six months so that will be cool to see my progress. I am sorry I cant really write much more right now, just know I can write a bit more friday and we can skype for christmas just will get to be more to talk about. Once again tell everyone thanks so much for the bday wishes meant a lot. Love You! :)
Elder Carter

P.S. make sure to send me your skype account and ill let you know mine so you can friend me. (by friday)

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