Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Family! and friends por supuesto! (of course). It has been another great week!  Let me start out with saying it has been great at the MTC! The spirit is so strong here and I really mean that. It can get super repetitive because it is, but that’s where you just gotta remember why I am here. Teaching investigators that are "just your teacher acting", it is really important to get into it and to take it serious. We watched a video of two hermanas teaching in the field. They were from Chile and they talked soooooooooo fast! dang it was such a humbler, I got a little taste of what we are going to have to understand when we get into the field.  For example, when they said "un hijo y una hija" it sounded like "Nijo nija". Also we were just introduced to Present Subjunctive which pretty much tells you half of the Spanish you have been doing has been incorrect. haha oh goodness, BUT I have faith that God will help me so my stress is controlled to a healthy amount. Apostles have told us in a lot of our training videos too not get overwhelmed and to relax. If we have faith we should limit how stressed we are. I know it will be hard on the field I just gotta keep calm and collected. 

One funny thing we do is we go up to random elders and do the hang loose hand gesture saying "Tentaculos Elderes!!!" They look at us confused and often do the gesture and say it back. We get a good kick out of it because tentaculos means tentacles, jaja spanish is so great. The games my companions and I play at night are going great, besides the fact my name has not gone on the “7 on the line” leaderboard for a month. We take our night games very seriously because if you win you get ties we have inherited.  I’m not a tie collector type but it’s more for the bragging rights. So our district has done a lot better with kindness and love (no gossip).

 I have really made a stride to be an example by not saying anything about anyone and when anyone starts to I just politely say, "Whoa whoa!  KILL'EM WITH KINDNESS!" This has really helped everyone be nice and just love some of the people that may be in our zone or district. I'll be completely honest some people here are kinda ridiculos, but when you just love em for who they are it really helps keep the spirit.
We have really yearned to be on time every morning and we have done it this week! Every day we are 5 min early.  It’s the best!  I told our district we sing at 7am sharp and if you aren’t there then you miss out on singing and district prayer. We also kinda made it a race to be the first one to class. Making things games really helps everyone be obedient without them even thinking or trying to be.

So I wish I would’ve been that little nerdy guy with a planner in his pocket. I LOVE PLANNING! It’s so great. One of the best times of the week is weekly planning where we plan for 2 hours talking about what we did, making new goals, and talking about things we could do. The language weekly planning is the greatest, me and my companions weekly planning this week was to memorize a scripture a day in Spanish. Monday we did James 1:5, yesterday was Amos 3:7 and tomorrow we are doing....not sure, but it’s crazy how memorizing a scripture really helps teach with the spirit and memorize words because of contexts.

This German lady, the wife of a Seventy Sister Kapishka, gave such an amazing talk, she just started to learn English a couple years ago and she was the most charismatic, joyful, happy, sociable lady I have ever met. She had the whole audience in the palm of her hand because she was REAL. She talked about how she was speeding on the freeway last week in Utah and got a ticket. (Probably was going 100 knowing she usually drives on the Autobon haha. sorry probably spelt that wrong) but anyways her desire to learn English as well as her simple testimony was so great, it really is important to keep it real. The spirit likes real.

Tell Jordan I’m so stoked that he is doing his eagle! Oh man Sometimes I hated doing the paperwork and stuff, but like the mission here, hard work brings fulfillment and happiness. I am so glad I got my eagle; I can look on that forever. So thanks dad for pushing me to get it!

I have gotten a package from you/Kristy and the tie clip/tie pin from grandma mom! So you guys are my number one fans;) I loved those packages and it was very cool! I gotta say though your letters mean so much to me! I love hearing about stuff. Thanks for fasting for me! I feel so loved. I’m sure Blake did a great job, wish I could be there to paint with you guys as well. Probably would suck compared to your guys painting though.

Soooo excited for Chile, 3 1/2 more weeks. Not like I’m getting trunky or anything.

Um probably the only things I need are the things I mentioned before, just some toothpaste that has fluoride and mouthwash that has fluoride. I love brushing my teeth they are whiter than ever. Maybe some trail mix or some healthy snacks if you are to send another package before I leave. If not I’m still so happy and grateful for letters:)) I love your letters so much. Family matters the most to me. I get teary eyed just thinking about how grateful I am for you guys.

One last thing is the power of revelation. We were in a workshop the other day where we had to teach the person across from us, just happened to be this hermana that was kinda mean to me and other people in my district. As she taught me I was inspired to share her 3 Nephi 17:2-3, after I talked about it not knowing why I was teaching her this, she began to tear up and said thank you so much, I have been needing to find an answer to my question and that’s just what I needed, I have been looking for this answer since I came to the MTC, she had been having anxiety problems and was making a huge decision the next day. I don’t know all the details but remembered that in zone meeting Sunday her comp was talking about her having some problem.
Love you all so much! Missionary work is kind of the coolest most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Excited to share the gospel and invite the people of Chile to come unto Christ.
Con Amor,
Elder Carter
 Me sewing! Ha some stuff already kind ripped but Brother Monson's wife taught us how, its not to bad...well for simple stuff,,,takes so much time though


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  1. Good to hear my ex-roommates doing well! Doesn't surprise me one bit to hear how much Zack loves being a missionary.