Saturday, September 22, 2012

2 weeks!

Wow so crazy how fast this experience has gone by at the MTC, I have definitely learned soo much here. We get our travel plans tomorrow!!! So crazy! I get to call you at the airport for like 30 min or so. Tomorrow when I get my travel plans I’ll write you a letter letting you know what time, and if I have a long lay over to just call you then (since phone booths get packed at the airport) but yeah so you can just work out when you need to answer the phone. But anyways my experience has been so amazing here, we are still working hard. Unfortunately I got sick 2 days ago and have not been to class since, today is luckily P-day and I am probably going to try to go to class tonight. Yesterday I had a 102.4 Fever but don't worry I have been taking care of myself:)  I have broke the fever and am just recovering, I am blessed to have had this week rather than next. This last week has been such a life changing week regarding my love for the scriptures. I have been praying continuously to liken unto the scriptures more and more, I enjoyed reading them and they have really opened up, but I wanted them to more. At devo Sunday this guy named W Tracy Watson spoke regarding the Book of Mormon and how important it is. He first made a daring approach to his speech by showing one of the "Book of Mormon" plays musical numbers. It was of missionaries being completely overzealous and using the Lord’s name in vain and it made me very uncomfortable. It made me realize the seriousness of the Gospel and holding it dear and sacred is what we need to do. He then told us what Elder Holland said regarding from our past history of running from Bablyon, such as the saints running and other ancient saints. Elder Holland said in this day we no longer run from Babylon when we are being attacked and the Lord’s work is being attacked, we attack. He then showed the churches efforts in letting the people of New York around the area where the play is being shown. He showed the subways covered with I’m a Mormon ads and links to the Mormon site saying "want to know more about the BoM?". They also bought a huge jumbotron in New York advertising what we truly are about. It was pretty sweet. But he bore his witness of how the book has changed his life, and the spirit flooded the room. He also then talked about how he goes across the world proselyting with missionaries and going in homes to teach. One lady they were teaching, right when they got in there had a paper. She asked the missionaries if she could ask them the questions. They said of course. She asked about polygamy and blacks receiving the priesthood and other questions. He finally noticed something was up and he asked her, "Do you always start your lessons with these questions?" and she said no. She then stated how she just needs them to be answered before she gets baptized because her family will disown her if she gets baptized so she needs to know if it’s true. He then looked down at her Book of Mormon and saw tons of markings, he then asked her, have you been reading this book? And she said "Oh of course! (Holding the book to her heart as if it was a baby) I love this book." He then asked, do you believe this book to be true? And she then said, Yes. And he then said, I don’t think you need to ask any more questions then. And she looked up after 2 min of silence and said I want to get baptized.
What is so important for us to realize is the Book of Mormon is either Completely True or the biggest fraud of mankind. And you can go your whole life fighting the validity of the Church and of Christ Gospel, but all your doubts can go away if you just gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, not a testimony of scientific evidence of the book, nor the fact that Alma's Chiasmic Poetry was unheard of by a unschooled 14 year old, But a Spiritual testimony of the Book, found by searching, pondering, and praying to your heavenly father.

I can’t thank you so much for the pictures of Carter Kristy! And thanks mom and dad so much for that bread! It was so delicious! I hope you know that I was sick that day and my love from my family really came that day when I was resting in bed. I was really lucky. I also continue to feel your prayers.

My Spanish is getting better! I always feel like I can learn more and this is because once I go down there I won’t understand a word, I need to just have faith though. I can understand mostly everything in a mock lesson now in Spanish and teach sometimes slowly about most of the lessons. It is sometimes slow and rusty but the spirit touches the lesson and that’s how it gets across. I hate being sick here, It’s worse than missing class, It is so terrible ha. But I’m feeling better!!!! So all is well. Just pray for me! I’m in my recovery state it was just a little bug. Love you all! I pray for you all everyday! Sounds like things are going great.

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