Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Great Week!

Missionaries from Escondido Stake in the MTC
Josh Stevens, Ross Urry, Zack, Blake Farrow, Tyler Chapman

Going to the Four Corners (sort of)

Wow has time just flown by! I can't explain how great the spirit is here. It's a love but ready to go to Chile in 2 1/2 weeks kinda relationship. I first want to say how much my testimony has grown so far. I feel the best way a missionary can truly love their time here and on the mission is letting themselves CHANGE. The best thing here is to never say "well before the mission I never did that and was fine", instead say, "I am commanded to do this so I will, because we are missionaries and we have a higher standard of living." We are standing in Christ's place and need to let the world know who he is through our example. There is nothing wrong with being completely obedient, as Elder Bednar said, if you want to feel the spirit and know you are teaching with the spirit, first of all don't worry about it. If we are completely obedient we will have nothing to worry about, because when we do things in our lives that invite the spirit we WILL teach with the spirit. 

This week for me has made a huge impact on the rest of my mission and my life. I have learned so much on regarding leading and building others up. D&C 121 has really meant so much to me this week. I have experienced the power of Love, when necessary and acted upon be blunt and correct those who need it (sorry I forgot the word and don’t have my scriptures with me), and then after follow that with double the love as before. I testify that these steps and guidance written in the scriptures are true, and sometimes being the bad guy when necessary to help the person or help the district then followed after with love only brings more peace and invites the spirit more. I feel such a love for everyone here and that I meet. I pray every day and yearn for an outward love like Christ has. It is not easy at times but since everyday is like Sunday, and we strive to make more and more goals it’s possible. I have never felt so excited and so much love for the work. It is so true about forgetting yourselves. The times I get sad or discouraged here is when I forget my purpose or submit to selfish needs. As I go day to day I learn it is truly not about me here. 

Just yesterday Elder Shumway in our district finally got his visa to go to Madrid so the Companionships have been switched once again. I am now with Elder Pugh and Elder Taylor, so once again in a Trio. haha it’s so funny how many companionships I have had so far. I have had more companionships then some people their whole mission. I got to give Elder Shumway a blessing last night and I was so touched by the unity of our district. All of us were there helping him depart and helping with the blessing. Elder Shumway's companion elder Taylor is such a great Elder and I am so excited to be with him and Elder Pugh for the rest of the time (unless they get their visas to Spain as well) haha.

I got to see soo many people I knew this week from home it was so great! I’ll send some pictures. I got to see Elder Blake Farrow a ton and oh man how great is it to see him. It is so weird to see a really good budd here because you can’t really talk to long. But he looked to have a really good first week. I also got to see Elder Urry before he left! What a stud! He is going to do so amazing! Also Josh Stephens I was really touched to see him serving a mission just after being baptized not too long ago. His conversion will touch the people in the Philippines. I also saw Elder Tyler Chapman! He has been in my seminary class so that was way cool to keep in touch, I see him almost every day ha. Also Elder Jordan Johnson! He is doing so great. He is speaking a language that I can’t understand whatsoever ha his mission tag looks so cool it looks like a mini Rosetta stone. 

I loved reading about Romney and how he is doing. I am not sure if you knew this but there is a cool YouTube video of him doing service for some fire victims back when there were fires. He and his brother or something were just there to help, no press or nothing. That is a true leader I love to see people doing things unnoticed. Here waking up and getting at it in personal study is so important. It truly makes or breaks your mission. Right when 6:30 hits...BOOM out of bed. It’s a total mental game and once you force yourself out you have won. Satan thinks he can target me in that area of temptation to sleep in but he’s got nothin on me. ha. 

Spanish is coming a lot better now. I mean we are always humbled sometimes and feel like you know nothing but with the spirit and visualizing the purpose you press forward. I am working hard here so I am not worried. Just as long as you do your best you should have no regrets. 

Mom and Dad! thanks soooooo much for the package! ha wow that was a rough day. BYU was playing and we could hear the crowd and the announcer the whole time. It really made me happy, I loved the creativity ha. We have had a lot of fun and the Cliff Bars are the tastiest things I have ever tried. 

You sent me off with pretty much everything I need. I can’t think of anything I didn’t pack, or anything I won’t need. I have so much meds and probably won’t bring the soap because it just ways me down and I have a lot more study materials I need to bring. I have had to use my debit card for some things such as laundry detergent and other things (meds) so I will need to take out more cash for traveling and just in case. 

Glad Blake and grandma got my letter! did Kristy! Also thanks to Brad and Kent for their DearElders! Those things come at the end of the day and they really are a great way your day. Everyone else who has prayed for me I truly feel your love I can’t tell you all how much it helps. I just get so excited to serve the lord. It’s the best thing ever. I’m reading in Alma now, oh my goodness can’t tell you how much I love that book, I LOVE ALMA! It’s like the best; there are soooo many good scriptures. Well the whole book of Mormon is SO AMAZING. But Alma is my personal favorite. Anyways I am SOOO stoked for Chile. I am ready to go, but know I can keep learning more Spanish and lessons so I am content here! not gettin Trunky. Thanks so much for everything. Every day I thank the lord for my family. Wouldn’t be here without your examples and love! thanks so much!

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