Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey hey! another week in chile

Hey family!

I apologize right now that this letter will probably be a lot shorter, we only have 45 min to write you and the president, and we can only send 2 letters and no more. We also have to end our pday at 6pm and we unfortunately had to go to the doctor early this morning and haven’t gotten back till not too long ago. I have had ear problems lately still, they said nothing is wrong, it probably just took a toll from that airplane.

Things are going good, I love doing the work of God it brings more joy then anything in the world. We kinda have hit a dry time where we aren’t teaching as much and spend pretty much all our time knocking doors and contacting people, which really wipes you out and can kill your mood. BUT I can go on and on about how hard it is and how many people deny you or tell you the awesome news that we kept up our desire to find people and found 4 new people to teach that seem interested! 2 of which are guys which is crazy!!! You rarely find guys here. We rarely, RARELY get in a door because they are all ladies and not many people want you to teach them. We get pretty happy when someone is nice enough to stop and just listen to what you have to say on the street. Oh man but we are soooo Excited to teach these new ones! I think one of my mottos though is that there never is a finish line on the mission. Because when you find people to teach you can’t stop looking and doing the nitty-gritty finding, you gotta keep doing that so in the future you’ll still have people to teach, it’s a never ending process.

Another thing I am quickly finding is you feel soooo guilty if you aren’t working and moving around doing your job, a lot of times the members and people here try to keep you in their house and just talk, you really gotta remind people what your purpose is here. One member in the ward asked if we could help build a house the other day that was pretty fun. I now have like soooo many flea bites it’s a joke. I get over it fast though ha.

Most meals are still the same, usually like rice and beans in a soup with some hot dogs or sausage, or the occasional chicken leg. Members are very kind though and feed you always and our mamita always feeds us for lunch. I don’t eat dinner here so that’s still new but you get used to it. I am slowly getting more and more out of shape it’s scary ha. But we are going to try and run in the mornings. It’s just hard it’s so cold in the mornings still, and it still rains a ton. Oh this humid cold is just ridiculous. I almost got bit by two dogs so far, they always kinda just sneak on ya.  IDK, and this one car (think he was drunk) totally almost hit me if I didn’t jump out of the way, I am truly being watched out for by God. But oh do I love the work, I can’t explain to you how much joy you get when you see someone being touched by the spirit and wanting more. It is hard sometimes but when that happens, you honestly don’t care about anything else.

Another cool thing is we always are walking in the country in random areas to get to some houses way cool. My companion took a photo of me and the country and the other pictures are just some other sweet campo pics.

Oh btw I was thinking whether I wanted to get another suit because I wear them more than I thought.  What do you think? We found one pretty good quality for 70 Mil or 140 dollars in US. And it comes with another white shirt and a tie. Just let me know, I don’t want to make any purchases without prayer;)

ha but yeah love this good ol farm town, really loving the members here. They are so great and it’s the coolest thing to help menos activos come back and really gain a stronger conversion of Christ. Oh and just some more drunk weird people situations, they always salute us haha. oh drunk people. Oh another thing I was thinking about buying is a good backpack that is waterproof maybe made of gortex? That has like a backpacking strap that isn’t hard on my back? Not sure whether I should have you send one or I should buy one just let me know!

Oh yeah my ax wood chopping is improving we do a lot of service for others regarding lena (firewood) some people have soooooo much lena haha we call it Chilean Tetris (where you stack their wood) not sure if I told you that yet. But yeah love you! The church brings happiness and eternal life and it is so sweet to share!

Con Amor,
Elder Carter

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